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Though he agreed not to hire any former Gestapo,
SS or SD members, he sought them out and put them
on the payroll - the CIA's payroll - regardless of his
 promise. And the CIA did not stop him.
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Gehlen was pleasantly surprised by what happened
 next. His new employer, the OSS, not only encouraged
but financed an escape mechanism set up by Gehlen
 for former Nazis.  The Gehlen Org established, with
United States Offoce of "Stratigic" Scervises
( USOSS= OSS) help, "rat lines" to provide an
 underground escape network to be used by former
 war criminals to escape prosecution by German war
 crimes tribunals. By way of this organization, over
 5,000 Nazis secretly made their way out of Europe to
 relocate around the globe.
Most went to South and Central America. The countries of
choice were Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua and El Salvador.
Within a few years after their arrival in these particular
countries, the infamous right-wing government "death
squads" made their first appearances.
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On January 11, 1999, in accordance with the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act (PL ... with German General REINHARD GEHLEN that it has kept ... known as the Gehlen Organization. The network was aimed ...
Reinhard Gehlen ILLICIT DRUGS  "
    AltaVista found 1 result ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN, Number 257
    ... world wars, hundreds of lesser wars, illicit drugs, pronography (sic), a myriad of
    religious ... near Munich, that was run by Gen. Reinhard Gehlen, formerly Adolf Hitler's
    chief anti-Soviet spymaster ...

VIEW REPLIES ] [ POST A REPLY ][ SOBS MESSAGE BOARD ] [ HELP AND FAQ ] Nazis Posted by blink blank or whatever on May 10, 2002 at 8:10 PROJECT MONARCH: NAZI MIND CONTROL by Ron Patton Amidst the ...

... Chelsea, Chemical weapons, CHEMTRAILS, child labor, Chomsky,
CIA, civil disobedience, civil war ... Full Auto, g8, Gangsters, GATT, GEHLEN, General Alexander M. Haig Jr., General Haig, genocide ...

The first result was an anti death squad site
seccond is School of the Americas Watch
                   November 21-23: Vigil and Nonviolent Civil Resistance Action


Of note in the expatriate community were such characters
 as Dr. Joseph Mengele, who specialized in crude genetic
 experiments on Jewish concentration camp inmates, and
 mass murderer Klaus Barbie, the infamous "Butcher of Lyons."
6. 1953: MK/Ultra
    The CIA picked up the Navy's Project Chatter and throughout the 1950s and '60s ran tests on involuntary
and unwitting subjects using truth drugs and electro-magnetic fields to see if it could indeed control a
subject's mind without the subject's being aware. This research continued despite the fact that the United
 States signed the Nuremberg Code in 1953 stipulating that subjects must be aware, must volunteer, must
 have the aid of a supervising doctor, and must be allowed to quit the experiment at any moment.
Rheinhart = Rheinhard    like
 Gelan = Gehlen
 how to search for a book   :-) Internaut = U

Michael Jackson Says We Don't Love Our Children Enough-And He Wants to Help?
Note from R4D          http://rightontheweb.com/mj.html
 Hitler Joseph Garbles & Dr. Joseph Mengele
In this world where book & film titles are as moronic as the names
given to horses at the race track I wish to remember or recognize
 that I remember something about WW2 and the hideous Eugenics
 and torturing experiments of Hitler's policies as carried out by
 Dr. Joseph Mengele. As I see it Michael Jackson ,Jacks, Jocco,
 The Kid, The king of Pop what ever you call him "the kid " bleached
 with a (bleached) dream is Dr. Joseph Mengele final triumph .
Hitler Joseph Garbles & Dr. Joseph Mengele
 Thanks to a Inbred xenophobic Eurosentric Nation White
 Bread  Anti black America fetish of Dr. Joseph Gerbles,
Mengele and Hitler These guys meant business raceism as if it is a religion ...

[Nazi War Criminal  of the "Angel of Death of Auschwitz," Dr. Joseph Mengele ]
[ http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&oe=ISO-8859-1&q=nazi+DR ]
Today In History   www.mightycool.com/historyspotlight/06061985.shtml ... of the
 "Angel of Death of Auschwitz," Dr. Joseph Mengele. ...
 at Nuremberg, and was the last major Nazi war criminal to die in Spandau under highly ...

Di, 04,03,03, 08,15 & 21,00 o'clock
Mi, 05,03,03, 01,45 o'clock

At the 08.Juni 1989 pure hard Gehlen died. It was over decades the grey Eminenz in the
 Pullacher Federal Information Service. It helped Hitler to lead the war at the east front and
 worked after end of war on German soil for the American secret service CIA. of late was it
 one of the most influential advisors the Adenauers. Around hardly another Geheimdienstler
 half truths and legends climb as closely as around Gehlen, which the British secret service
expert E.H. Cookridge called once the "feeler gauge of the century". The film regards the
 legend pure hard Gehlen before the background of the historical facts. Over his role in the
 German policy and contemporary history from 1942 to his resignation as a Federal
Intelligence Service president 1968 express themselvesformer coworkers, friends and
 opponents as well as a former KGB agent, over whom Gehlen stolperte finally: the
Heinz Felfe today living in east Berlin.
Film of Hans Gerd Jaschke (1998)

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# 1 General in America  floods CIA with welfare cheats Ghelen Ghelen was Hitler's favorite too.
Every body knows the Germans build the best bunkers ask Salaam Hussies his can take a direct hit from our nukes & not even know it. We knew  this way way long ago before all of this corn pone about war and collateral damage we collectively wipe out every body but him.

CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq and Failed July 2, 2003  Pentagon Whistleblower Reveals CIA/DoD Fiascos...
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 [It's about Water of life  as usual the Colorado river Aquifer is poisoned by 50 years of  radioactive dumping in the 4 corners in an attempt to Eradicate what was left of the Native American population
and not pay for the elimination or guarding  of it so we"we dumped it in " their water " now it is on its
way to Samoa County and 1/3 of all the food  in America  that is real Terrorism!Cesium 130 is lethal
 for 1 million years give or take a billion  or two but which will be more lethal a   mass migration to the
 east coast of California refugees escaping that disaster or increasing tensions from Canada forcing
back the hoards of expatriates fleeing the post war blues . So I guess WE are going to have to invade
them to in order that we might better protect them... The Truth is stranger than   Fictive Projection of
facts .Dept.:In it cant happen HEAR Dept.: Please look up the picture of the current Nazi fashion
 show that is New Jerseys K9 Corp   What were they thinking ! Uber Gerbils German Sheppard
don't need WW2 uniforms to find bombs this stinks! ED]

 There are more people Living under slaveryToday than any time in Human history!
That includes the time of Christ. < Check out IAbolish

 http://www.warriorsfortruth.com/ want to use http://www.warriorsfortruth.com/neutron-bomb.html
And what's most incredible, if found this site on an extreme right wing American site
called Independent Conservative News under the headline, 'where is black rage,
Slarvery exists today.' http://www.iabolish.com/today/background/worldwide-evil.htm
We know this group as flag defacing flag burning nut balls BUT what if it is true?
"Thanks to the September 11 “Reichstag fire”, the state terrorists of the U.S. military
and government can now affect public postures of patriotic defense. Immediately
 after9-11 they began speaking of America as “the Homeland”, just as the Nazis spoke
of “the Fatherland”. "             ~~~  More below...

Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money!
Take a look for yourself at http://www.whitehouse.gov/nsc/nss.html.
9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?

{What did your Presidents Grandfather do during WW2?}

- Adapted from Ramsey Clark's address to the half a million demonstrators at the January 18th National March on Washington  to
  Stop the War on Iraq organized by International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism).
Thinking 4 your self. Left Over? http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,893062,00.html
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American Holocaust Pestilence and Genocide No Excuse ! Except Filling the Void!

Louis Nizer What to do with Germany 1944
Louis Nizer's modest proposal for handling war criminals.

"There are about 50 million German men and women within the procreation ages, and it is estimated that twenty thousand surgeons performing about twenty-five operations daily could sterilize the
entire male population of Germany within three months, and the
 entire female population in less than three years." — Louis Nizer

Many reflections spring to mind when reading the Louis Nizer plan for punishing the German people for World War II, but two of these reflections stand out as having particular relevance to the Ukrainian Archive.

Why pick on Ukrainians today?

That is, in Louis Nizer's book, What To Do With Germany (1944), Nizer offers a long and detailed list of all those that he thinks need to be punished. However, Ukrainians are nowhere on Nizer's list. Therefore, if Jews today have placed Ukrainians at the head of the line of those deserving punishment — as they seem to have done in Canada — then this must have happened in one of two ways:

(1) All those that Nizer advocated be punished have already been punished, so that punishment today devolves to those who were not important enough to make it into Louis Nizer's book. However, this is an impossibility, because — as the reader will instantly see below — Nizer's list of the Germans that merited punishment came nowhere close to being exhausted in war crimes proceedings.

(2) Jews have moved Ukrainians to the head of the line, jumping over the hundreds of thousands of Germans who had concerned Louis Nizer in 1944.

If the latter interpretation is indeed correct, then we must ask what the reasons might be. Why are Ukrainians, whose contribution to wartime atrocities did not merit any mention by Louis Nizer, today featured as the sadistic executors of Nazi policies during World War II?

What caused what?

In discussing cause and effect in the UKAR Introduction to Symon Petliura, it has been pointed out that Jews strangling Ukrainian independence can lead to Ukrainian pogroms, just as Ukrainian pogroms can lead to Jews strangling Ukrainian independence, perhaps simultaneously in an escalating spiral. It has been argued that a similar effect took place in the case discussed below. That is, German awareness of the Jewish plans to wreak vengeance on Germany intensified German hostility toward Jews, and resulted as well in Germany not surrendering earlier in the war, with hundreds of thousands of lives needlessly lost, and much property needlessly destroyed. Particularly incensing to the Germans were the privately-proposed Kaufman plan of 1941 to destroy the German people through mass sterilization, as elaborated below, and most particularly the Morgenthau Plan of 1944, which is more Draconian than the Louis Nizer plan below, and which unlike the Nizer plan was for a time adopted as official United States Government policy.

Who is Louis Nizer?

I find at hand the following entry:

Nizer, Louis, (1902- ), U.S. lawyer, author. Active in areas related to arts, copyright, plagiarism, etc. Author of courtroom reminiscences and book on Rosenberg Case. (Geoffrey Wigoder (ed.), Encyclopedic Dictionary of Judaica, Len Amiel Publisher, New York-Paris, and Keter Publishing House, Jerusalem, 1974, p. 455)

In 1944,
Louis Nizer Tells the World:

What to do with Germany

Louis Nizer advocates that 5,000 Germans should be put to death without trial, as a condition of the armistice:

Nazi group leaders must be the first to be punished. Proof of their
guilt is abundant. The armistice terms should simply declare them
 guilty. It would be farcical to try Hitler, Himmler, Goering,
Streicher, Ley or other mass murderers. They have written the
evidence of their guilt in blood on every pavement in Europe.
The dossiers of the United Nations are bulging with data of their
unsurpassed brutality. A trial tribunal should permit them to be
heard on the questions of proper identification and the extent of
the punishment, but no more.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing
Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 95.

Those condemned by name in the armistice should include the Fuehrer,
 the members of his cabinet, the Gauleiters, and the members of the High
 Command, governors of the occupied regions, and the leading bureaucrats in the state, municipal and Nazi Party organizations. These
 would number approximately five thousand men. Death penalties should
 be demanded.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company,
Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 96.

Louis Nizer advocates that death penalties should be sought in trials against an additional 150,000 Germans:

Next, the leaders of German mass organizations should be indicted and
 tried. The Gestapo and Labor Front have about 75,000 such officials. In
additions, there are about 75,000 subordinates who organized and taught
 the S. S., the Peasant Front and other such organizations. This entire
group of about 150,000 men were the whole-hearted fanatical Nazis upon
whom the ruling group relied. Death penalties should be sought against
each of them.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 97.

Louis Nizer advocates that uncounted hundreds of thousands of other Germans should also be brought to trial, sometimes with the death penalty sought:

Every German officer above the rank of colonel, including corresponding ranks in the Air Force and Navy, every member of the Gestapo, S.S. officials, and members of the German People's Court and of the German Reichstag, should be indicted and tried.

Every German official, no matter how subordinate, who at any time gave or performed orders for the execution of hostages or the murder of conquered nationals, should be indicted, tried, and the death penalty sought.

In addition, the armistice should provide for the complete dissolution of the Officers Corps of the German army as well as of the army itself. Those among them who have violated any criminal or international law should be tried, and appropriate severe penalties imposed.

Any administrator, no matter how subordinate, who participated in the plunder of foreign countries, all directors of the German Steel Trust, of I. G. Farben or of the other German cartels, who, as we shall see later, participated in the conspiracy against world peace should be indicted, and appropriate severe penalties imposed.

Irrespective of rank or position, every soldier or civilian should be tried, against whom charges are filed involving any violation of law.

It is only by such thorough methods that the backbone of Nazism and Prussianism can be smashed and the danger of future aggression reduced.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 97.

Louis Nizer advocates that due process be suspended. Although Nizer appears to apply his arguments to the summary executions which he advocates for the leading 5,000 Nazis, the same arguments can support some similar but unspecified suspension of due process in all war crimes proceedings, and Nizer nowhere advocates that traditional protection of the rights of the accused be reverted to for any category of war crimes proceedings. Thus, Nizer appears to suggest that all war crimes proceedings might benefit from some relief from what he views as a finicky judicial propriety:

It may be contended by those finicky about judicial propriety that no injury could come from a public trial [as compared to summary execution] and that it would avoid criticism against the "absolutism" of the procedure [of summary execution]. However International Law is still to be molded on these critical problems, and it would have a salutary effect if the rule adopted were suitable to the heinousness of the offenses and the public anxiety for swift and certain punishment. The enormity of the crimes announced by the criminals themselves and the existence of millions of witnesses, make the requirement of proof an empty formalism. Since the purpose of the procedure is also to deter future international crime, any lumbering, awkward ritual to prove the self-evident would only cause contempt rather than respect for law. There is a point at which solicitude for a possible innocent victim of a severe rule becomes mawkish over-caution. We must be concerned with the dictates of common sense.

The ordinary man and woman must feel the majesty of law, the directness and practicability of its procedure, and its avoidance of routine ceremony. Only then will the thirst for retribution be directed into healthy legal channels. Otherwise, frustration may set in motion forces of violence far more serious than any legal unorthodoxy.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, pp. 95-96.

Louis Nizer recommends several other post-war measures, among them de-industrializing Germany:

First, that all plants and machinery which produce war material be scrapped, removed or demolished.

Second, that the machine tool industry, steel mills, power houses and important "heavy industries" be destroyed or taken from German control. While physical operation could be left to Germans, international trustees should determine personnel of management, contracts, investments and foreign arrangements. [...]

Third, that stocks of metals, oil or other strategic war materials in excess of normal domestic consumption be removed from the country and never replenished.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 193.

Louis Nizer contemplates several other measures which could be taken against the Germans, and rejects them — for example, extermination of the German people through sterilization. Curiously, though, Nizer claims to know people who advocate this particular measure. Although he does not identify who these people are, he demonstrates that they have worked the sterilization program out in detail and that he has followed their plan, and he lingers over the option long enough to demonstrate its feasibility. Possibly, Nizer is relying on the writing of Theodore N. Kaufman, Germany Must Perish, Argyle Press, Newark NJ, 1941:

Others, stirred to consuming hatred by German brutality, suggest that they be destroyed as a race by eugenic sterilization.

They argue that if compulsory serum treatments are justified by their benefits to the community, sterilization of the German people might similarly be considered a protective measure to immunize the world forever against the virus of Germanism. They point out that the surgical procedure is simple, painless and does not even deprive the patient of normal instincts, or their gratification. Vasectomy, the operation on the male, simply requires a slight incision since the sperm duct lies just beneath the skin. The operation takes only ten minutes to perform and the patient may resume work immediately afterwards. Ligation of the fallopian tubes, the operation which renders the female sterile, is more difficult but not much more dangerous.

There are about 50 million German men and women within the procreation ages, and it is estimated that twenty thousand surgeons performing about twenty-five operations daily could sterilize the entire male population of Germany within three months, and the entire female population in less than three years. At the normal death rate of two per cent per annum or one and a half million people yearly, the German people would practically disappear within two generations.

We reject this proposal but not because of German protests. They have forfeited all right to protest, for they themselves set this precedent. It is estimated that in Germany 300,000 people have been sterilized and in Poland 700,000 people. They [the Germans] have not been beyond the abolition of education so as to make populations slave-fit, the physical and mental corruption of the masses by pornographic and drug incitation, and the systematic extermination of whole peoples.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, pp. 4-5.

On the basis of a statement made by Julius Caesar in the first century BC, Louis Nizer offers his psychiatric diagnosis of the German people in the twentieth century AD:

Caesar wrote: "Their whole life is composed of hunting expeditions and military pursuits; from early boyhood they are zealous for toil and hardship. Those who remain longest in chastity win greatest praise among their kindred; some think that stature, some that strength and sinew are fortified thereby. Further they deem it a most disgraceful thing to have had knowledge of a woman before the twentieth year."

Psychiatrists will find in this observation fruitful material for their studies of the root causes of German sadism and of the inferiority complex which seeks to express itself through conquest and domination. The well-known tendencies in Germany towards homosexuality became public knowledge when Hitler justified his purge of Roehm and his adherents on the ground that they had been guilty of practices of degradation which corrupted the governing circles. Hitler's and Hess' own "aestheticism," Goering's abnormal practices (as determined by a Swiss court), and the evil conduct of the Streichers and other Nazi leaders, fit well into the characteristic pattern of bestiality. The study of psychotic behavior is still in the exploratory stages, but Caesar's report on the training begun ages ago by the German people to deny and invert normal instincts as part of the tribal custom may be a significant clue to sick German conduct. It is possible that German cruelty and blood lust is traceable to sexual inhibitions? Is there significance in the pornographic tendencies of the Germans fed by such official documents as Streicher's Stuermer?

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, pp. 18-19.

Louis Nizer teaches that Germans are collectively responsible for the crimes of World War II because they collectively suffer from the disease of Germanism:

Millions of little cogs.

There was the Kaiser before Hitler, and Bismarck before the Kaiser and Frederick the Great before Bismark — indeed, two thousand years of Germanism to account for. Under each ruler millions of Germans fought fanatically, heroically, sacrificially. Theirs was not conduct induced by compulsion. Theirs was a will to execute a program and a readiness to die for it. The vaunted efficiency of German aggression depends on millions of little cogs acting in perfect coordination which involuntary compliance could not possibly produce.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 13.

Twice in one generation.

[N]o people can be innocent who have twice in one generation burst forth in aggression against all their neighbors, near and far. How is it that one spot on the surface of the earth, no larger than Texas, should so persistently explode and ravage the world?

And what were the toasts, the slogans, the anthems, the battle cries of this people? "Der Tag" — when Germany will rule the world. "Deutschland uber Alles". "Tomorrow we will rule the world." Rule the world! Rule the world! No people who can thrill to such a mission are innocent victims of wicked leaders.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 17.

Charlemagne's maddening refrain.

Other leaders had waged war because "from their youth up war is their passion." Plunder and the gratification of conquest were the driving force. But Charlemagne decreed an objective. It was not modest. He sought to conquer the world, a refrain which has since run through German existence with maddening and devastating persistence. He fought a war every year. His brilliant gifts were devoted to annihilating his neighbors and robbing them of their possessions. Germans followed him with fanatical devotion for the same principles which inspired them to follow the Kaiser and Hitler in our generation.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, pp. 23-24.

A cult of mass murder.

The Germans have developed a philosophy which makes
a religion of war and a cult of mass murder. They consider
 it their mission to subjugate all other peoples to slavery.
They exclude the doctrines of the sacredness of human
life and liberty and substitute for it the ideal of war. The
unique phenomenon of Germanism is that its conspiracy
against world peace is not mere gangsterism or nihilism.
 It is an intellectual movement, if you please. It is supported by a philosophy carefully devised, nurtured
and inculcated into every citizen.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 27.

Wagner incites lynching.

Only in Germany could a great artist like Wagner immerse his talent in blood lust and supply
 an emotional incitation of German mass murder. The significance lies not in some particular
theory, but in the association of cultural and intellectual thinking in Germany with mob standards. Lynching is thus raised to the level of national policy.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 28.

The greatest indictment of a people in all history.

Never again must we be deluded into misplacing responsibility for
German aggression. It is not the leader of the day, whether he be
 Charlemagne, Barbarossa, Frederick Wilhelm, the Great Elector, Frederick the Great, Bismarck, the Kaiser or Hitler, who wages war against mankind. It is the German people. Conditioned by centuries
 of false indoctrination — of a mad philosophy, of an absurd "soil-blood" racial theory, of a mystical paganism, the German people have ever been arch-conspirators against civilization.

 They have  deliberately plotted to destroy it and subdue all
 mankind to serfdom. They have given their brains, their
energies and their very lives through the centuries in fanatical
devotion to this task. They have used inhuman and sadistic methods to achieve their psychotic national desires.

 They have ignored all civilized standards and restraints, and
have made barbarism an ideal. They have distorted nationalism into a ritual of international murder.

This is the greatest indictment of a people in all history. But it is
the truth.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 52.

Louis Nizer does not add collaborators from among the conquered peoples to his list of those deserving punishment because he recognizes that the conquered peoples were victims who turned against Nazi occupation:

Suppose Hitler had possessed an infinitesimal part of Napoleon's, or even Frederick the Great's, administrative capacity, he might have created a "new order" in the conquered territories, which might have given the semblance of security, peace, and a little justice. Then millions of exhausted, disillusioned people might have accepted their conqueror and eased his problems. Instead, his one-track mind, devoted to butchery and terrorism, fanned the dying embers of resistance, so that constant revolution and anarchy burned the heels of the oppressor.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 51.

He who  is without sin cast the first stone this stuff sounds so familiar...ED


 and  influenced media did virtually no coverage of what may
be one of the decades biggest stories.  Only UPI issued any
statement on the CIA's admission that following WW2 II Hitler's
top general in charge of espionage transferred his entire network
 of thousands of spies and double agents to what became the
 newly-formed CIA.
 ( 150,000 White Welfare Cheats ED.)
What makes this much more than an interesting footnote to history
 is that the entire domestic and foreign history of the CIA has been
molded by these former Nazis whose ideas on Eugenics, race,
 social control, bio-warfare and propaganda dominate the
policies of countless   (Tax exempt) "think tanks" like the
Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute and have influenced
the  U.S. government at its highest levels.

  What makes this different is that General Ghelen was the
 #1 Nazi  in this program. By acknowledging a CIA connection
 to Ghelen the entire can of  worms can now be pried open.
(Not Bloody Likely! ED.)
What they count on is the fact that you were borne yesterday!ED.

"During the past five decades numerous isolated revelations about
Nazis imported to America by the Dulles brothers, William Casey and
others have broken through the media blackout. These stories usually
revolve around former concentration camp guards who hid their identity
 when emigrating. "

... who owns the corporate media. For starters, all ...
they are directly influenced by former high ...
 ABC has been owned since 1985 by ...
director of the CIA, the infamous ...
Alt Source:
The Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre
  Were There Jews in the Nazi Army?
A historian says thousands of Hitler's soldiers had mixed heritage.
 Does it matter?

"The opposite of a bomb is a book" CM3
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Yet anotherVicious rant !!!
Public arest and incarseration at gun point has in the past meant for some
 a not so public summary execution.
 This project would posibaly Stop some of the home frount terrorism.
 But not Racism or racial profiling it is still rong and Racism is still with us.
 Do some thing about it before it  is called Unpatrotic to Question   this
centuries long Evil.
 That way WE are truly united United States.
 Once there was a question of guns or butter now it's anthtax and "civilians are
 targets in war and must be as vigiliant as a frount line soldier without traning"
 or a gun.
Hey! Are we as good as the Swiss? They all have Guns and are Citizen Soldiers
arn't we as Important or as good as they are?
 Arm this nation state of the art! Train this nation if it's war draft every body!
We are already on the frount lines so... there goes your bs policies in North Africa
Or are YOU mearly going to treet us as if we are children or worse as if we
are cattle?
 Well sir if this is so, YOU and your FamousSo called Low IQ are facing a
population of "not in my name" desenters as WE see more of the things
YOU & Your MR.CIA DAD have done.

The erased constitution and civil challenge may have been something
YOU think is a joke and your methods are some what clumsy but it is clear.
Personal wealth and self asteem are some times linked in this
culture but now that the shit has hit the fan what good is YOUR
welth, celebrity,stardom?

Looks like you are not activly dealing with the enemies you are playing
with them using a big budget  cruse missal targets to line the pockets of
 the cronies that make them blowing up the decrepid pathetic remnent
 that is Afganistan.     
War is Killing and you are alowing US to be targets & cutouts for YOUR
 racist global policies as well as NOT cutting off the hand of the Deval
 Dope or  bombing the poppy fields or any of your play mates.
So we all can see which side YOUR bread is buttered on.
Evan a 80 year old lady knows this who do you think you are kidding.


Is this a big lie or what ?
 Fuck! Anthrax Fear Its looking like an Inside Job & that!
 Butt head O.J.Simpelton Is still an Azzhole!  Remember Gerald
Fordz Pardon of Nixon? The Crook 4 sure but can we say Spiro T..Sleezorama Agnew (?) We saw it on the T.V.News once...
Swine Flew Vaccine & 175 People in an NJ Rest Home dying off
because they were given untested (toxic) Vaccine one day before
all  of us Americans were going to be forced by a law to take it
(A lethal brew ) The fact that only 175 died was an
 Absolute Miracle because WE ALL would have taken it and
( Agnew 2 ? ) would have gotten to join our ancestors !!! They
say Agnew owned The company that made the stuff and stood
to reap billionz in Republican B.B. Rebozobozomoola.
Ah Republicans !The Azzhole's want pay back because
of Watergate & Ridged Nixon's getting kicked out so they screw
 up the hole deal for everybody..

 Cant even say Democratic Party some Psycho babble about
 Affirmation and a confusion there part.

But G.Gordon Olly North Liddy and the other Azzoles that think
 there going up to heaven in the rapture and have a bunch of
 virgins like some Muslim terrorist are all going to burn in hell!

 FIRES OF HELL and  poking them a new anus orfus with  Ann Colters festering
 Skull.!!" Mystress Suzy Streetmouth

This cover up leads directly to the Timothy mc Vay & militatia
 idiots that think it's OK to hump 12 year old kids & Pretend to
 be GOD at tax payers expense !!!. Pass the corn pone please!

Rush Limpberger Eat your heart out..   : >)

   Quiz! Question ?
What other government officials succumbed to seduction
during the Clinton administration ?
#1 Bob (Clinton is a Scum bag )  Bar ?  
#2 Newt (abandoned sick wife for girlfriend )Gingrich?
#3 Well Rudy Giuliani? Was it mayor ,
Hizhoner thumping someone else ?
   But might he  have had a bigger secret than his
    oh too obvious comb over.

We don't really care!  If our politicians LIE TO US !
 But NO comb over was ever elected President !!
If you can LIE to Your Self we are much more warred.
Of course if you ware a wig get a good one like Burt
 Reynolds or George Washington...

It is rumored that Dolly Madison was porked by GW and Benjamin F. as well
as the Kink of France.
Yeah they fiddled around where do you think all of these
 bastards come from.
See Ya! Mr.. Mean Petty Stingy public school destroyer Library Closer
what's next burning the books in the library's you closed ?
You were a sorry excuse for mayor  advocating Dumb Dumb bullets  Boo!
Creepy as the day is long Go back to busting the mobs balls that's your
 best real job.  Making room for the new mob.



                         Real men  provide...

"It is the burden of all great men to have to tramble upon piles of corpses."
Abductions: Ongoing since childhood, memories regained after fraternity
binge drinking. Traumatic recollections include rectal probing, chip implantations,
 forced ...  Zeke.. Pree 911

Currently Employed:Freelance web design,frustrated architect - now
resides in York, Maine with wives, dog, and millipede colony.

 Orentalism or Iron Age Wiccan?

Polygamy is common in Nigeria and Waco...
At least YOU practice what You PREACHED

http://www.blackplague.org/cult/sex.htm Getting Laid with Your Doomsday Cult

Go to this site !! Is this satire or a bone head genius !
No one ever looks this far down Subject: List

 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles   

"Art & Science Collaborations" A message to ASCI's  
      Alternatve List Date:  Wed, 21 Nov 2001 18:06:11 -0600
forwarded by Frim Parado thecube@laplaza.org Scientists respond to the attacks:
 The message from chaos theory is that to win the war on terrorism we must address the roots of anti-American sentiment...
Freeman Dyson, John Brockman, Doyne Farmer.
Oliver Stone lets loose: "There's been conglomeration under six principal princes--they're kings, they're barons--and these six companies have control of the world," he said, referring to such corporations as Fox and AOL Time Warner...

 "The new world order is about order and control," he said. "This attack was pure chaos, and chaos is energy."
http://www.newyorker.com/ (send an email if you want the story)

Note from R4D
Hitler Joseph Garbles & Dr. Joseph Mengele
In this world where book & film titles are as moronic as the names
given to horses at the race track I wish to remember or recognize
 that I remember something about WW2 and the hidious Eugenics
 and torturing experiments of Hitlers policies as carried out by
 Dr. Joseph Mengele.

 As I see it Michael Jackson ,Jacks, Jocco, The Kid, The king of Pop
what ever you call him "the kid " bleached with a (bleached) dream
is Dr. Joseph Mengele final triumph .
Hitler Joseph Garbles & Dr. Joseph Mengele
 Thanks to a Inbread xenophobic Eurocentric Nation White Bread
 Anti black America fetish of Dr. Joseph Gerbles, Mengele and Hitler
These guys meant business Race as religion ...

        "The most important American political event in those preparations for Hitler was the infamous 'Third
     International Congress on Eugenics,' held at New York's American Museum of Natural History August 21-23,
     1932, supervised by the International Federation of Eugenics Societies. 9 This meeting  took up the stubborn
     persistence of African-Americans and other allegedly 'inferior' and 'socially inadequate' groups in reproducing,
     expanding their  numbers, and amalgamating with others. It was recommended that these 'dangers' to the 'better'
     ethnic groups and to the 'well-born,' could be dealt with by sterilization or 'cutting off the bad stock' of the 'unfit.'
                "Italy's fascist government sent an official representative. Averell Harriman's sister Mary, director of
     'Entertainment' for the Congress, lived down in Virginia fox-hunting country; her state supplied the speaker on
     'racial purity,' W.A. Plecker, Virginia commissioner of vital statistics. Plecker reportedly held the delegates
     spellbound with his account of the struggle to stop race-mixing and inter-racial sex in Virginia.
                "The Congress proceedings were dedicated to Averell Harriman's mother; she had paid for the founding of
     the race-science movement in America back in 1910, building the Eugenics Record Office as a branch of the
     Galton National Laboratory in London. She and other Harrimans were usually escorted to  the horse races by old
     George Herbert Walker--they shared with the Bushes and the Farishes a fascination with 'breeding
     thoroughbreds' among horses  and humans. 10
               "Averell Harriman personally arranged with the Walker/Bush Hamburg-Amerika Line to transport Nazi
     ideologues from Germany to New York for  this meeting. 11 The most famous among those transported was Dr.
     Ernst Rudin, psychiatrist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography in Berlin, where the
     Rockefeller family paid for Dr. Rudin to occupy an entire floor with his eugenics 'research.' Dr. Rudin had
     addressed  the International Federation's 1928 Munich meeting, speaking on 'Mental Aberration and Race
     Hygiene,' while others (Germans and Americans) spoke  on race-mixing and sterilization of the unfit. Rudin had
     also led the German delegation to the 1930 Mental Hygiene Congress in Washington, D.C.
              "At the Harrimans' 1932 New York Eugenics Congress, Ernst Rudin was unanimously elected president of
     the International Federation of Eugenics  Societies. This was recognition of Rudin as founder of the German
     Society for Race Hygiene, with his co-founder, Eugenics Federation vice president  Alfred Ploetz.
              "As depression-maddened financiers schemed in Berlin and New York, Rudin was now official leader of the
     world eugenics movement. Components of his movement included groups with overlapping leadership, dedicated
              -sterilization of mental patients ('mental hygiene societies');
               -execution of the insane, criminals and the terminally ill ('euthanasia societies'); and
               -eugenical race-purification by prevention of births to parents from 'inferior' blood stocks ('birth control

              "Before the Auschwitz death camp became a household word, these British-American-European groups
     called openly for the elimination of the 'unfit' by means including force and violence. 12." 11.
+++++++++++++++++++   http://watch.pair.com/reich.html ++++++++++++++++++++++

[Nazi War Criminal  of the "Angel of Death of Auschwitz," Dr. Joseph Mengele ]
 "Angel of Death of Auschwitz," Dr. Joseph Mengele. ...
 at Nuremberg, and was the last major Nazi war criminal to die in Spandau under highly ...


New Links  Thanx2 saintvegasgallery


Wesz Coze Kulture

More SaintVegasGallery Links




So far its a status quo ,a deafening silence
 when it comes to the legacy of the grate evil.
 Don't get into contrasting morality because
we don't support Russia or China like we
 support Germany We Rebuilt Germany
( Our Enemy) gratis  BUT NOT Russia
 (our Allies'? they Soviet actually defeated Hitler)
So that economic support Is a Major act of
(just as Germany is after the US Israelis second
biggest military supplier.
There are 110 million land mines in 70 countries on this Planet
 Now,Think about it that's the hidden holocaust we support if
 we do nothing about it  YOU or ME, US the Americans the so
called developed world, Brits The French, Italians The
Scandinavians, Spain Japan, Canadians tooTHE Good Guys.

OK! You say that's NOT true check it out
We Make the Land Mines that are designed
 to maim and kill Children, Blind them Cripple
 them Permanently Disable them.

And we have produced them as a "Silent Mindless "
Not a Fictional Misdirecting fantasy army in a SI FI film but real
 Robots GENOCIDE FOR MONEY not the  honor of our nation .
The land mine is the worst thing we can do after profiteering
 the Dope to the 4 corners of the earth.
9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?

"May the Almighty God grant us a time of peace in which to bring this
gigantic work to completion. Parallel therewith, the Capital of the Movement
(Munich), the Party Metropolis (Nuremberg), and the Free City of Hamburg will
be remodelled and extended on large lines.

But this work will only be the counterpart of a general cultural development
which we wish to see taking place in Germany, as the crowning achievement
 to the restoration of our internal and external freedom.

{ "To  further circumvent the kowtowing and cowing no show Congrass
Bush  Rumsfeld  & Chaney want to streamline the constutition ?" }
9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?
9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?
"And, finally, it will be one of our future tasks to give the German people a  Constitution which will be in harmony with the real life of our people, as that
life has developed politically. This Constitution will place its seal on this life
for all time to come and will be an imperishable and fundamental law for all

As I look back on the great work that has been done during the past four years you will understand quite well that my first feeling is simply one of thankfulness to our Almighty God for having allowed me to bring this work
 to success.

He has blessed our labours and has enabled our people to come through all the obstacles which encompassed them on their way.
I have had three extraordinary friends in my life. In my youth it was Poverty, which was my companion for many years. When the Great War came to a close it was the profound anguish that I felt over the downfall of our people. This anguish seized me and determined the path I had to follow. Since January 30th. four years ago I have made the acquaintance of the third friend--anxiety for the people and the
Reich, which have been entrusted to my guidance. From that time this anxiety has never left my side and will probably remain a faithful companion until the end of my days. But how could a man bear the burden of this anxiety were it not for the faith he has in his mission and which enables him to trust that He who is above us all sanctions my work.

Destiny has often decreed that men who have a special mission to fulfil must be lonely and deserted. But here I wish to return thanks to Providence for having given me a group of faithful comrades who linked their lives with mine and have ever since fought at my side for the resurrection of our people. It is a great happiness for me that I did not have to walk among the German people as a man alone, but that at my side there was always a group of men whose names will endure in the history of Germany."

ragi Oil
From: RG
Category: Category 1
Date: 08 Mar 2003
Time: 18:59:27 -0800
Remote Name:
Let us for the sake of this discussion agree that all the President is after is control of the vast Mid-East oil
reserves. So, what? Has not every nation which has come to supreme dominance of the planet expanded
their influence so as to ensure the well being of its own people? Could you imagine telling Julius Caesar
that he is unethical in taking the grain rich fields of Egypt and thus guaranteeing a stable food supply for
the people of Rome? Or, that striking and subduing the Gaul's of Western Europe (sworn enemies of
Rome) even though they had not attacked Rome in 50 years was somehow immoral? Was Alexander of
Macedonia a war mongering monster because he laid waste the Persian Empire whose King had repeatedly
sworn a path of peace but in turn prepared for war against Greece?
(Sodom Unrestrained analogy Alert! ED)
 In fact, the Persian king had agreed to dismantle his vast armies and promised never to invade Greece...
all the while he secretly prepared for war and waited his chance to attack. In both these cases, (and many others)
 after the wars were over, what happened was that the conquered people were civilized in the tradition of the West.
(This is such ka! ka! ED)
Their art, politics, philosophies and consequently, lives of their people were made much better than it had been before.
Every one of the conquered nations eventually accepted the way of their conquerors and actually became
participating members of the conquering people even reaching high levels within the government.
(Like Colon Powell analogy?ED)

 Even though these empires had a vicious and well trained army, completely capable of defeating any other army
in the world, their leaders took a course of preemptive action against their potential enemies to make
certain their respective countries would be safe from any future invasions and guaranteed the food supplies
of their own people. Were they wrong? Were they war hawks? Were they right to take such action? Could
you imagine peace rallies in the Forum of Rome? Hell no we won't go! No incursions on the Persians.

Peace and sermons will subdue the Germans.( Not if Hitler is backed by the Super Rich Americans like Henry Ford
Joseph P. Kennedy, Prescott Bush and a host of others!  And thanks to the Reichstag fire and other Nazi conspiracy
terrorizing them like our 911 the Germans were turned into true-believing  book burning parrots &   Pseudo oligarchy
 malarkey turkey bozos like you ?! ED)
 Now that America is the supreme power of the land, is it wrong that they now would do what has been done
so many times in history? Would America be wrong to move to ensure America's oil supply, food supplies
 and well being? Is this not the way of humankind and the path of nations?"

Last changed: 03/08/03

Yes this is so dumb the Swiss & the other
  Axis countries and Big companies should
pay every dime to All of their victims they  
ripped off. Instead of Stonewalling or whispering
grudging  apologies.  Put your money where your
 mouth is! Don't   waste your hard Honestly earned
cash buying  there shinny  new products unless  
 they not only admit there past ( founders ) misdeeds
 but make the effort at full restitution and compensation
A Disclosure for the crimes and there complicity in that
past evil done in the name of a bankrupt Racist Ideology
instead of trying to secritly revive it .

Act in the name of a still disenfranchised and decimated
 peoples who's extraordinary suffering  meant massive
profits for the perperpatrators.  
Myth Busting...

WOW ! I thought that the people I met as a kid were critical
of the Vatican but the name says it all this is a fodder for any
anti cleric & a true purgative for any x-catholic.


The "First Thanksgiving": Facts and Fancies


Look what your neighbors are thinking.

Does this mean the nightly images of the Afghani Little League Vid Feed on the News is really
THE USA showing that they know how to protect "OUR" boys with Human Shields as well or better
than Saddam Inhumane Ever did.
 Why Heck I bet there are teams all over the states just rearing to step up to the plate with little
Mustafa & Ackmhed whatever . You can bet they are going to  be easier to beat than that Port Rico
team from the Bronx NY. They  don't call them the Bombers for nothing.

"You know its amazing them guys all of a sudden stop shellin us whenever we start playing Base ball with these kids shucks ! "
 GI Joe, Can you say Disingenuous Judge Lebiduf?   ?ED

is the World’s Greatest

The greatest acts of terrorism are not committed by
     furtive gangs of masked desperados in foreign lands.
     The most horrific acts of terrorism in world history have
     always been committed by governments and their

     The government and military of the United States of
     America have committed massive acts of international
     terrorism and brutal genocide — from 1899 to the
     present day.

     Official FBI definition of terrorism:

      “Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against
          persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the
          civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of
          political or social objectives.”

     Even by its own definition the hypocrite U.S. government is guilty of
     terrorism — on a massive, international scale. And for over 100 years!

     The U.S. government has broken international law and the Geneva
     Convention many times with its brutal use of force and horrific violence
     against persons and property, to intimidate and coerce governments,
     civilian populations, and many segments thereof, in furtherance of
    political, social and especially economic objectives.

                       $                              $      
                         $                           $
                        Our neat little war machine

"We did it once before & we can do it again & again And ....DEPT.
Look I was borne in 1944 so I should at least look into this, right what differance
does it make if the president of the USA created or wanted US to be attacked that
has nothing to do with now or our current President or our current delimma, does it?

 From the Top  They Believe ! 9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?
The September 11 attacks provided the essential propaganda pretext
for a complete military/political/economic takeover of the entire Middle East
and Central Asia.

Control of Middle East and Central Asian and its oil reserves will give the U.S. government a fatal military/economic advantage over all of Europe and China, and assure the supremacy of the genocidal American Empire for many dark years to come.

 9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?
The September 11 attacks are America?s equivalent of the Reichstag
fire. In 1933 Adolf Hitler?s henchmen burned the German parliament,
blamed it on ?Communists? and used it as a pretext for mass arrests
and the creation of a fascist police state to destroy all remaining opposition
to Nazi rule. Destruction of all resistance within Germany made it possible for the Nazis to embark upon their brutal campaign to subdue all of Europe.

It?s interesting that Unpresident G.W. Bush?s grandfather, Prescott
Bush, was one of many people in the American corporate/banking
plutocracy who quietly supported the Nazi?s rise to power. In Prescott
Bush?s case it was through the Union Banking Corporation. A covert
affection for Nazi strategies would appear to run in the family to this
Thanks to the September 11 ?Reichstag fire?, the state terrorists of the
U.S. military and government can now affect public postures of
patriotic defense. Immediately after 9-11 they began speaking of
America as ?the Homeland?, just as the Nazis spoke of ?the

In another historical parallel, it?s interesting that U.S. government
officials had the nerve (or stupidity) to invoke the memory of Pearl
Harbor, comparing it to September 11. It?s quite an appropriate
comparison, actually, more fitting than they would care to admit
publicly. Both events are instances of U.S. government complicity in an
attack on Americans.

So now it?s all about ?patriotic defense of The Homeland?.   Sieg Heil!

  Gone are the days when their PR propagandists had to cobble together
absurd conceptual Frankensteins ? such as the massive bombing of
people all over Yugoslavia portrayed as ?humanitarian intervention? ?
to sell the Pentagon?s latest butchery to the American taxpayer.
With smiles well hidden, U.S. government fascists are steadily
ratcheting up their police-state repression of Americans. Using their
falsely named ?USA Patriot Act? they?ve tossed the Bill of Rights out
the window. Doesn?t sound too patriotic to me. The U.S. Constitution is
now effectively suspended, and it?s never coming back.

Once you surrender your freedom to tyrants, you don?t ever get it back
? not without a revolution. Until then, democracy is officially dead in
America, while the FBI tells us of its need to torture prisoners.
Americans who continue to tolerate and support this blatant evil will
help to bring a fascist hell down on everybody?s heads. Such people
need to understand that the U.S. military/government is totally
inhuman. It doesn?t honestly care about them any more than it cares
about the millions of people around the world it has butchered. As far
as America?s rulers are concerned, American citizens are just cash cows
to be psychologically herded this way and that, and perennially lied to.
Keep ?em stupid and keep those tax dollars pouring in.

Our fellow human beings around the world are seen as powerless
slaves and whores to be exploited to the maximum extent possible.
If they dare attempt to be free of the American Empire, bomb them
back into submission. America?s evil rulers care only for preserving
 their own wealth and power, nothing more.

The American plutocracy has cruelly abused the world with genocidal
campaigns of state terrorism for over 100 years. Now they are thrilled
with the prospect of total world domination through unending campaigns
of terror and mass-murder. If the American people do nothing to stop it, they will pay a terrible price for their cowardly support of the U.S. military/government?s greed and power lust. The downward spiral of carnage and suffering will never end until we?re all enslaved or dead.

"My point to you was and remains the Constitutional right of the American people to dissent
against any policy of their government that they are in disagreement with. This is the fundamental
premise upon which, as Lincoln claimed, "The last great hope of earth" is based. I believe to the
 core of my being that to discourage this or any discourse, especially when we disagree, is truly
a greater danger to you, me and our children than the Charlie Manson clone now ruling Iraq.
This nation must always defend itself from within while being vigilant to guard the dangers from
without. Again, to quote Mr. Lincoln: "Not the combined armies of Europe and Asia could draw
 a drop of water from the Tennessee River nor lay a footprint upon the soil of the Blue Ridge
 mountains even in a trial that should last a 1000 years. If destruction be our lot than we
ourselves shall be its author."

"The Energizer Bunny of War Tactic"
President Roosevelt (FDR) provoked the attack, knew about it in advance and covered up
his failure to warn the Hawaiian commanders. FDR needed the attack to sucker Hitler to ...
declare war, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the
war in Europe. It was his"...everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known
to the United States..."
 Will the Real patroit stand up.
This is in the you get what you pay for. Dept:
covers for any one that  thinks they have got it  figured out in two cases each at extremes
neither resolving or focusing past  their personal point of departure proving Marshal Mc Cullen
 correct ."We don't know who discovered water but we can be pretty sure it wasn't a fish ."
I stole it ( IE: am Mirroring It ) this to bring it to the
 light of day out of the black background into
Black and White ( ok Red & White ) it is not an
 easy read even though it is in Geezer friendly
 18 point type.

Please visit and see for your self what could
 possably bring us to this sorry state.
Letters Excerpt from  at  American Terrorism - Letters
http://free.freespeech.org/americanstateterrorism/letters/Featured.html (2 of 9) [03/29/2003 7:34:43 PM].
Featured Correspondence
(Note: As with all correspondence in this section, the letters below are exactly
as they were received. Only the last name and the email domain of the writer
have been withheld. Enjoy!)
From: Ryan T. <snuffaluffagous@-----.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 16:03:12 -0800
Subject: hahahaha, why would anyone care? so what if we are.
 we are stong, they are week its their fualt. the us gets terrrorized
and we give the finger back while other contries cower in fear.
 why do you thing we are a super power fuck-tard. and why would
 anyone fucking care what you say.you use a free email for gods
sake! get a real email not one you can delete and move on once
everyone spams you about how fucking stupid you are. and what
 if there were 2 people were fighting and you helped one, the other
 one would give you money, and you would be more reconized.
you'd do it. dont fucking lie. also you talk about shit like us
massicuring the native americans.

you wanna know why?
they had all the land and animals. they didnt want to share.
we said fuck you and took it.

 in diffrent wars you complaine we killed innocent people,
havent you ever fucking takin a history class? look what
happened to rome. they left the civilians alive in the contries
they took over and they rebelled, who wants a fucking rebellion.
 god your stupidity amazies me,what grade are you in 3rd? shit
 if you think we are terrorists move away, id like to see your
dumbass live in a 3rd world contry, id laugh when you died of
some fucked up deases. I'd right more about how fucking stupid
you are but im to lazy, and to busy trying to get a girlfriend,
 somthing you've probley never had.
god i hate stupid people,
-Bus Driver

Ps plus how the fuck do you think you get more land for you
contry to grow, or become more powerfull, you kill the people
who own the shit to get money and you take it over. its been
like this for a million years.
what are you doing when you kill bugs? your killing them,
taking their land, and making it yours, god i hate stupid people.
*     *     *

(  Is this guy priceless, or what?)

Ryan, you're a true American if there ever was one! And a
relatively honest one, too. You openly and honestly express
the true character of American patriots, something which they
usually take great pains to cover up.
Have you considered joining the United States Army or
Marines? They thrive on guys like you.
*     *     *
From: Ryan T. <snuffaluffagous@-----.com>
ADate: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 20:32:02 -0800
Subject: RE: haha
Me? joining the armed services!!! hahaha i wouldnt risk my life
 for this contry, i wouldnt risk my life to save ANYONE, my life
is more valuable than that. id rather live. im just saying thats
how the world works....
*     *     *
Well I agree that a big part of the world works that way, and
has for thousands of years. And I find your letters interesting
because they are such an unusually open expression of
exactly how the minds of our corporate, government and
military leaders actually work.
But they wouldn't dare admit it publicly, so that's why I made
my website. They always hide their bloody fangs behind
some pious, patriotic mask while they butcher women and
helpless children in unfortunate countries around the world.
So the whole point of my website is simply to inform people
(who don't already know) that our "leaders" are actually
vicious animals hiding behind their pious public masks.
American Terrorism - Letters"
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Not Yet Rated 
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ may be comprehensive

    As the world burns and the American Empire steadily rots from its own evil, militaristic
    American patriots are here invited to fire their deadly “cruise missives” at the illegitimate,
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        For example, a genuine human being would never commit or support inhuman acts
        such as mass-murder, rape, slavery and torture.
        $    $    PLUTOCRACY \plu-'tok-rih-see\ n. [Gk ploutokratia, fr. ploutos, wealth]  1: government
       by the wealthy  2 : a controlling class of rich men and women

      Plutonian \plu-'toe-nee-un\ adj, often cap 1: of, relating to, or characteristic of Pluto or
       the lower world : INFERNAL

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" Hey Katherine why don't you save time don't  bother pondering
and mincing words just because he is the president! "Check out
Prescott Bush the Nazi as real motivation and follow through on
 Hitler's agenda , Eugenics and Manifest Destiny...The Booze/Dope
 is just is a self medication...  ED CM3 : - )  Bentheredunthat!

 Ok! Gang this one is especially pedantic and some what soft but not every one Loves to
Hate our fearless leader this one wants to help him and analyze him I am sure you have your
opinions so I have included her address so you can give her feed back on her theory
 whichever way it falls so trippingly from that tight little spring that is your iron trap mind. ED
 by Katherine van Wormer
Katherine van Wormer is Professor of  Social Work at the
 University of Northern Iowa,  and is co-author of the recent
 'Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective (2002)'.  A
 longtime member of the CERJ colloquium, Katherine can be
 reached at:Katherine.VanWormer@uni.edu.
Ordinarily I would not use this term. But when I came across the article "Dry Drunk" --
 Is Bush Making a Cry for Help?' in 'American Politics Journal' by Alan Bisbort, I was
 ready to concede...in the case of George W. Bush, the phrase may be quite apt. Dry
 drunk is a slang term used by members and supporters ofAlcoholics Anonymous and
 substance abuse counselors to describe the recovering alcoholic who is no longer
drinking -- one who is dry, but whose thinking is clouded. Such an individual is said to
 be 'dry' but not truly sober. Such an individual tends to go to extremes. It was when I
started noticing the extreme language that colored President Bush's speeches that I
began to wonder. First there were the terms -- "crusade" and "infinite justice" that were
 later withdrawn. Next came "evildoers," "axis of evil," and "regime change," terms that
 have almost become cliches in the mass media. Something about the polarized
 thinking and the obsessive repetition reminded me of many of the recovering
 alcoholics/addicts I had treated (a point worth noting is that because of the connection
 between addiction and "stinking thinking," relapse prevention usually consists of
 work in the cognitive area).
Having worked with recovering alcoholics for years, I flinched at the single-mindedness
 and ego- and ethnocentricity in the President's speeches (my husband likened his
phraseology to the gardener  character played by Peter Sellers in the movie, Being There)
. Since words are the tools -- the representations -- of thought, I wondered what Bush's
choice of words said about where he was coming from. Or where we would be going.
First, in this essay, we will look at the characteristics of the so-called dry drunk" -- then
 we will see if they apply to this individual, our president -- and then we will review his
 drinking history for the record.   What is the dry drunk syndrome? "Dry drunk" traits
consist of: Exaggerated self-importance and pomposity grandiose behavior. A rigid,
 judgmental outlook. Impatience. Childish behavior. Irresponsible behavior. Irrational
 rationalization. Projection. Overreaction.
Clearly, George W. Bush has all these traits except exaggerated self-importance.
 He may be pompous, especially with regard to international dealings, but his actual
importance hardly can be exaggerated. His power, in fact, is such that if he collapses
 into paranoia, a large part of the world will collapse with him. Unfortunately, there are
 some indications of paranoia in statements such as the following: "We must be
prepared to stop rogue states and their terrorist clients before they are able to threaten
or use weapons of mass destruction against the United States and our allies and friends."
 The trait of projection is evidenced here as well, projection of the fact that we are ready
to attack onto another nation which may not be so inclined. Bush's rigid, judgmental
outlook comes across in virtually all his speeches. To fight evil, Bush is ready to take
 on the world, in almost a Biblical sense. Consider his statement with reference to Israel:
 "Look my job isn't to try to nuance. I think moral clarity is important ... this is evil versus good."
Bush's tendency to dichotomize reality is not on the Internet list above, but it should be
, as this tendency to polarize is symptomatic of the classic addictive thinking pattern.
 I describe this thinking distortion in 'Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective'
as either/or reasoning -- "either you are with us or against us."  Oddly, Bush used those
 very words in his dealings with other nations. All-or-nothing thinking is a related mode
of thinking commonly found in newly recovering alcoholics/addicts. Such a worldview
traps people in a pattern of destructive behavior.

Obsessive thought patterns are also pronounced in persons prone to addiction.
There are organic reasons for this due to brain chemistry irregularities; messages
in one part of the brain become stuck there.   This leads to maddening repetition of
 thoughts. President Bush seems unduly focused upon getting revenge on Saddam
 Hussein  ("he tried to kill my Dad"), leading the country and the world into war,
Grandiosity enters the picture as well. What Bush is proposing to Congress is not
the right to attack on one country but a total shift in military policy: America would
now have the right to take military action before the adversary even has the capacity
 to attack. This is in violation, of course, of international law as well as national precedent.
How to explain this grandiose request? Jane Bryant Quinn provides the most
commonly offered explanation in a recent Newsweek editorial, "Iraq: It's the Oil,
Stupid." Many other opponents of the Bush doctrine similarly seek a rational motive
 behind the obsession over first, the war on terror and now, Iraq. I believe the explanation
 goes deeper than oil, that Bush's logic is being given too much credit; I believe his
obsession is far more visceral. On this very day, a peace protester in Portland held
 up the sign, "Drunk on Power". This, I believe, is closer to the truth.The drive for power
 can be an unquenchable thirst, addictive in itself. Senator William Fulbright, in his
popular bestseller of the 1960s, 'The Arrogance of Power,' masterfully described the
 essence of power-hungry politics as the pursuit of power; this he conceived as an
end in itself. "The causes and consequences of war may have more to do with pathology
 than with politics," he wrote, "more to do with irrational pressures of pride and pain
than with rational calculation of advantage and profit."
Another "dry drunk" trait is impatience. Bush is far from a patient man: "If we wait for
 threats to fully materialize", he said in a speech he gave at West Point, "we will have
waited too long." Significantly, Bush only waited for the United Nations and for Congress
 to take up the matter of Iraq's disarmament with extreme reluctance.
 Alan Bisbort argues that Bush possesses the characteristics of the "dry drunk" in terms
of: his incoherence while speaking away from the script; his irritability with anyone (for
 example, Germany's Schroeder) who dares disagree with him; and his dangerous
obsessing about only one thing (Iraq) to the exclusion of all otherthings.
In short, George W. Bush seems to possess the traits characteristic of addictive persons
 who still have the thought patterns that accompany substance abuse. If we consult the
 latest scientific findings, we will discover that scientists can now observe changes that
 occur in the brain as a result of heavy alcohol and other drug abuse. Some of these
 changes may be permanent. Except in extreme cases, however, these cognitive
impairments would not be obvious to most observers.
To reach any conclusions we need of course to know Bush's personal history relevant
 to drinking/drug use. To this end I consulted several biographies. Yes, there was much
 drunkenness -- years of binge drinking starting in college, at least one conviction for
DUI in 1976 in Maine, and one arrest before that for a drunken episode involving theft
 of a Christmas wreath. According to J.D. Hatfield's book, 'Fortunate Son', Bush later
explained: "[Alcohol began to compete with my energies ...I'd lose focus". Although he
 once said he couldn't remember a day he hadn't had a drink, he added that he didn't
believe he was "clinically alcoholic." Even his father, who had known for years that his
 son had a serious drinking problem, publicly proclaimed: "He was never an alcoholic
. It's just he knows he can't hold his liquor."
Bush drank heavily for over 20 years until he made the decision to abstain at age 40.
 About this time he became a "born again Christian," going as usual from one extreme
 to the other. During an Oprah interview, Bush acknowledged that his wife had told him
 he needed to think about what he was doing. When asked in another interview about
 his reported drug use, he answered honestly, "I'm not going to talk about what I did
20 to 30 years ago."
That there might be a tendency toward addiction in Bush's family is indicated in the
 recent arrests or criticism of his daughters forunderage drinking and his niece for
cocaine possession. Bush,  of course, deserves credit for his realization that he can't
 drink moderately, and his decision today to abstain. The fact that he doesn't drink
moderately may be suggestive of an inability to handle alcohol. In any case, Bush has
 clearly gotten his life in order and  is in good physical condition, careful to exercise
and rest when he needs to do so. The fact that some residual effects from his earlier
substance abuse -- however slight -- might cloud the U.S. President's thinking and
 judgment is frightening, however, in the context of the current global crisis.
One final consideration that might come into play in the foreign policy realm relates
to Bush's history relevant to his father. The Bush biography reveals the story of a boy
 named for his father, sent to the exclusive private school in the East where his father's
reputation as star athlete and later war hero were still remembered.The younger George's
 achievements were dwarfed in the school's memory of his father. Athletically he could
 not achieve his father's laurels, being smaller and perhaps less strong. His drinking
 bouts and lack of intellectual gifts held him back as well. He was popular and well
 liked, however. His military record was mediocre as compared to his father's as well.
Bush entered the Texas National Guard. What he did there remains largely a mystery.
There are reports of a lot of barhopping during this period. It would be only natural that
 Bush would want to prove himself today, that he would feel somewhat uncomfortable
 following, as before, in his father's footsteps. I mention these things because when
you follow his speeches, Bush seems bent on a personal crusade. One motive is to
 avenge his father. Another seems to be to prove himself to his father. In fact, Bush
seems to be trying somehow to achieve what his father failed to do -- to finish the
job of the Gulf War, to get he "evildoer" Saddam.
To summarize, George W. Bush manifests all the classic patterns of what alcoholics
 in recovery call "the dry drunk." His behavior is consistent with barely noticeable
but meaningful brain damage brought on by years of heavy drinking and possible
 cocaine use. All the classic patterns of addictive thinking that are spelled out in
 my book are here: the tendency to go to extremes (leading America into a massive
100 billion dollar strike-first war); a "kill or be killed mentality;" the tunnel vision; "I"
 as opposed to "we" thinking; the black and white polarized thought processes
 (good versus evil, all or nothing thinking).
His drive to finish his father's battles is of no small significance, psychologically.
 If the public (and politicians) could only see what Fulbright noted as 'the pathology
 in the politics'. One day, sadly, they will.
Diane Singerman Associate Professo
r Co-Chair, Council on Comparative
Studies Department of Government
School of Public Affairs American
 University 4400 Massachusetts
Avenue, NW Washington,
DC 20016
(202) 885-2362 Fax (202) 885-2967

                         "  THE SELF TEACHING PRINCIPLE or self serving detachment is the total power of some religions."
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