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This just in :"The dead is dead stupid. Dept.

It's a  Bullet its a Bomb its a BOMB its a Bullet !
  *Ethnic Bomb’ Now Linked to Korean Intrigue
 By Gordon Thomas

                      A top North Korean scientist, working on a race-based bomb, has
                      vanished. Was he taken by Western intelligence operatives or did
                      the Chinese nab him?

                      Has Dr. Ri Chae Woo, North Korea’s world-ranking expert working on a
                      “whites-only” racial/genetic bomb, been snatched in a combined CIA, MI6
                      and Australian secret service operation? Or has Ri been grabbed by the
                      Chinese Secret Intelligence Service—so that the communist government
                      can discover just how far Kim Jong II, North Korea’s unpredictable
                      dictator, has advanced his threat to launch the ethnic bomb upon the

Kim could precipitate a crisis, which would bring China into
direct confrontation with the United States—something it is
not yet ready to do.
The “bomb,” which is more accurately characterized as a biological
weapon, is designed to attack specific human genetic structures.

Its dispersal methods vary, but most analysts expect it would be put in
a warhead and launched on a missile. Mossad, the CIA and MI6 have all independently confirmed Ri and his team of microbiologists were
developing an “ethnic bomb” designed to attack white races.

Using its own missiles, North Korea can already
 hit West Coast cities like Seattle and Los Angeles.

The news has already sent a shock wave through the closed world
 of microbiology used for covert purposes.  There are various genetic
 components for racial types: hair color and texture, skin and eye color all the way down to nose shapes.

Ri and his researchers were working on a genetic bomb that would
 be deadly accurate in its targeting. To achieve this, they needed to create a genetic profile of people who uniquely share common
inherited variations of their dopamine-regulating genes regardless
of their ostensible race, geography or ethnicity.

.Not Rated:
Alao from Lee:A constantly-surprising, endlessly dynamic, profoundly
committed  human-rights worker named Dr Norbert Vollertsen (a German physician; checkon Internet) has elected to devote as much of the rest of
his life as is needed to liberating the people of North Korea.  (DPRK is
the sit of a contemporary holocaust comparable to Nazi Germany's: torture,
brutality, evil physical experimentation, mass starvation, mass killings.)
 The last few years have been quite an adventure for him; I don't say
this lightly, as he's being pursued by a variety of unfriendly governmental agencies, some of them not the ones you'd expect.

Nonetheless, he plans projects, rescues refugees, does emergency medical
work, negotiates with organizations, occasionally has actually to disappear
for a while, and puts the fear of God in big chunks of officialdom.  When
Kim Jong-il flees to Khabarovsk or wherever, Norbert will immediately be
nominated for a Nobel prize for his unique and valuable accomplishments.
(You're welcome to join that committee. Let me know.)

Meanwhile, the latest endeavor is laid out herewith.  If you can send a check
or some useful advice, or even merely copy/resend this to someone who can
 do something, please do.

..   ...   ..   ...   ..   ...   ..   ...   ..   ...   ..   ...   ..   ...   

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 13:12:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: Norbert Vollertsen

Sending radios directly to North Korean people

1.  Now with some fresh donation of precious  seed money from Christian
Solidarity Worldwide-USA,  I am travelling to Seoul soon to set the date
and  further mobilize final participants in the upcoming  balloon-sending
event. I propose to send thousands  of balloons to the North from a place
near DMZ in a  public event open to selected media due to security  and
logistical concerns.
Each balloon will be about  3 feet in diameter, filled
with helium on site, and  capable of carrying up to
300 grams of load. When we have punched one small
 needle-hole on it, the  balloon will lose helium gas on
 its way North and land on unspecified spot. There will
 be a waterproof pouch weighing about 200 grams
attached to the balloon comprising one tiny radio with
 batteries   (max. 150 grams, $3), two 500-won notes or one 1,000-
won note in North Korean currency (enough to buy a few kilos of rice, $1), and one sheet of whatever flyer  provided by the donor (a tract that I have prepared in the event of default by the donor).
2. NEED: So far, Human Rights Without Frontier and  Reporters
Without Border, both based in Europe, have  shown interest in
 participating.CSW-USA, Visual  Artists' Guild (of LA), and about
a dozen individuals have sent me donations. I need more donors,
 either in cash or in kind -- i.e.tiny radios weighing less than 150
 grams including batteries, bulk helium gas in containers, 3-feet
 diameter balloons, buses to transport the volunteers from Seoul,
 etc.  I also need volunteers -- about 100 -- to fill the balloons with
 helium gas on site. Hopefully, volunteers can be mobilized by a
local NGO such as NK Net in Seoul  (
Please reply to me as soon as possible if you can lend a hand.
 US contact:
Douglas Shin
Los Angeles

>From the end of next week I will be in Seoul, too.
Norbert Vollertsen
June 22, 2003
Duesseldorf, Germany
  Cern ; Oxford university chemistry department,

Hwang Jang-yop Holds Press Conference To Explain Why He Defected from North Korea
 No. 152 / July 21, 1997

by Sherman H. Skolnick 1/15/01
Where did it start and when and how will it end? To understand that,
requires pulling together little understood facts and making some sense
of them. Perhaps this will give you a door into a better handle on the

     Hwang Jang-yop Holds Press Conference To
     Explain Why He Defected from North Korea

A secret report, prepared for Deputy Defense Secretary
Paul Wolfowitz by a team of geneticists, states: “Consider
what could happen with a virus or bacteria that only infected
a certain type of person.

Consider the political leverage a nation would have if it could
 credibly threaten the extinction of all people worldwide of a
 certain color. Targeting specific genotypes could transform
 bio warfare.

At Britain’s Porton Down and at Fort Detrick, Md., the details are being urgently
 studied. “A whites-only ethnic bomb in the hands of bin-Laden or a rogue state
like North Korea or Iran could have a dramatic effect on the current balance of
power,” said a microbiologist at Fort Detrick.
“No one yet knows how far the North Korean research has gone. But the indications
 strongly suggest the work is far more advanced than any similar research in the
West,” said a senior Israeli intelligence source.
The search to create a “whites-only” bomb began in the aftermath of the Korean
 War when U.S. prisoners were secretly experimented upon in North Korea.
Until recently, China has been prepared to use North Korea as another surrogate
to threaten the West while the communist government continues to build its own
 arsenal to face the United States.
In a document CIA Director George Tenet prepared for President Bush, the
 intelligence chief wrote: “by 2015, China will have deployed tens to several
 tens of missiles with nuclear warheads targeted against the United States.”
All the major decision-making by the Bush administration neo-conservatives
 for the Pacific region has been based on that prediction.

But news of the “whites-only ethnic bomb” has forced the Pentagon to
 rethink its position over North Korea.

There is growing intelligence that North Korean leader Kim Jong II could
 be planning his own pre-emptive strike—increasingly convinced that it
will be only a matter of time before the Bush administration deals with
undoubtedly the most powerful arm in the “axis of evil.” Using its own

—increasingly convinced that it will be only a matter of time before the Bush
administration deals with undoubtedly the most powerful arm in the “axis of evil.”
Using its own missiles, North Korea can already hit West Coast cities like Seattle
 and Los Angeles.
Working with Iran, Kim could provide biological warheads for Tehran’s Shaab-3
missiles. They have a range of 1,000 miles, bringing Israel and Cyprus—where
the United States and Britain had strategic listening posts—within range of an
 “ethnic bomb” or other germs.
But the scientist who was working to make this possible, microbiologist Ri, has
 vanished after leaving his lab complex deep underground in the Chuba-ri
Chemical Corp. in the city of Anbyon. The site is heavily guarded.
Ri was last seen in his lab late in June. On the last weekend of that month, he
said he was going to visit what is believed to be the nerve center of North Korea’s
 biological warfare research program. It is concealed under a mountain near Sukho,
 close to the Chinese border. It is there that the “whites-only” ethnic bomb is being
It is where Ri developed other biological weapons. Just as Iraq’s notorious
 “Dr. Germ,” Dr. Rihad Taha, used prisoners to test out her biological weapons,
 similar experiments are conducted at Sukho. It is these experiments that could
lay him open to charges of war crimes—if he has fallen into the hands of the West.
But at least one person who knew Ri—Dr. Norbert Vollersten, who worked in North Korea and now leads international demonstrations against the Kim regime— believes that Ri would have anticipated the possibility of facing trial.

Does Race Exist? SIDEBAR
November 10, 2003Overview/Genetics of Race By Michael J. Bamshad and

 Steve E. Olson
The outward signs on which most definitions of race are based--such as skin color
 and hair texture--are dictated by a handful of genes. But the other genes of two
people of the same "race" can be very different. Conversely, two people of different
 "races" can share more genetic similarity than two individuals of the same race.
Nevertheless, scientists can use genetics to sort most large populations according
to their ancestral geographic origin. This approach does not work as well for
populations resulting from recent mixing with other groups, however.
The medical implications of racial genetic differences are still under debate.

“There is every possibility that he would have brought with him important documents listing the stage of the research he was engaged upon,” Vollersten said. “He would trade them for a new life in the United States.”
There is a precedent. After World War II, top Japanese scientists who had
conducted germ experiments on U.S. and British prisoners were granted immunity from prosecution if they agreed to reveal their work to scientists at Fort Detrick.
 Many of those scientists were later granted U.S. citizenship and new identities
Ri, along with his wife and two teenage children, managed to cross the border into China last August. 
Douglas Shin, another campaigner against the Kim regime, who now lives in Los
 Angeles, said: “There is an organization which has helped a number of scientists
 to defect from North Korea. We believe Ri had previous meetings with its people.
 We also think he had in his possession on the day he disappeared, over 100 pages
of documents and photographs showing human experiments. Those documents are
the crown jewels that America needs to nail North Korea.”
“Despite its citizens starving, Kim has spent large sums of money on biological
weapons,” confirmed John Bolton, U.S. under secretary of state for arms control
and international security.

As well as the “whites-only ethnic bomb” program, there
 is mounting evidence of how far advanced North Korea’s
 biological program has become since it began to develop
 biological weapons in the 1960s.

Initial research had focused on anthrax, cholera and
yellow fever. But both the CIA and MI6 claim that in the
 past five years, Ri has led a team working exclusively
 to develop the plague—the Black Death of medieval times—and smallpox.

 The only known repositories for smallpox are at the
Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and at a similar laboratory in Moscow.

 Both are strictly monitored by the World Health
Organization under the 1972 Biological and Toxin
Convention (BWC) an international treaty signed
by over 140 nations.

But the United States Army Medical Research
Institute of Infectious Diseases, at Fort Detrick,
 has accumulated “credible evidence” that a
 number of terrorist groups or nations have
obtained, or are trying to obtain, clandestine
 stocks of smallpox—and are actively trying to
produce weaponized armaments based upon
 the virus.

 Israel and North Korea are placed at the
 top of the list. Both have refused to sign
 the BWC treaty.

“It is to try and discover how far advanced North Korea has become that makes
 Ri so important in the entire black world of biological warfare,” said Douglas Shin.
The mystery of his disappearance began three weeks ago, in the bustling city of Guangzhou in southern China. The Australian government has its consulate in a
high-rise office building in the city.
In the early hours of the morning on a day in September, a man was seen trying to enter the building. His physical description—middle-aged, stocky, bespectacled
 and with thinning hair—matched that of Ri.
The man was seen to reach the stairwell of the high-rise. But he never emerged
again. The consulate was closed at the time. But earlier local residents had seen “foreigners coming and going from the upper floors where the consulate is situated,”
 said one.

All the Australian government in Canberra will admit is that it would have been impossible for anyone to reach the consulate by the stairwell.

Had Ri been met in the stairwell by the combined team of CIA, MI6 and Australian security agents? If so, did they smuggle him out by some other means? And where
 did they take him from Guanzhou?

There have been some reports, so far never confirmed, that Ri was taken to the
 coast and spirited across to Taiwan. If so, it would be a remarkable feat. The sea
 in that area is heavily patrolled by Chinese navy gunboats and warships.

The other, and perhaps more plausible theory, is that Ri was grabbed by Chinese
secret service agents. His fate will then be sealed: after interrogation he will be sent
back to North Korea and certain death.

His wife and children have, according to U.S. intelligence sources, made their way
 out of China and could soon be in the United States.

A key question is whether Ri passed over his explosive documents to his wife as
 her “passport” to freedom in America.

Synchronusity is a bit fun...
open up  wide...

  Big advances for 'new internet'
  By Clive Cookson
  October 3 2003 5:00
  Financial Times

  Two announcements this week illustrate the progress being made by grid
  computing - a powerful new manifestation of the internet. First, Cern, the
  European particle physics laboratory near Geneva, launched a prototype grid
  that will enable scientists around the world to share data from its next
  atom-smashing experiment, the  Large Hadron Collider.

  Cern, birthplace of the worldwide web, says grid computing will eventually
  have as big an impact on society as the web, by allowing users to access
  global computing resources from their desktops as easily as local
  resources. The LHC grid will let several thousand physicists in more than
  20 countries analyse the vast quantities of data - equivalent to 20m CDs
  every year - that will pour out of the experiment from 2007, when it begins
  to smash protons together at virtually the speed of light.

  The second event showed the ability of grid computing to involve ordinary
  personal computer owners at home. Results from the Smallpox Research Grid,
  a project led by Oxford university to screen potential drugs for use
  against the smallpox virus, were handed over to the US defence department.

  The project screened computer models of 35m molecules against eight
  smallpox protein models, to identify drug candidates that would bind to and
  inactivate the protein. Volunteers in 190 countries donated their spare PC
  power to the project; this amounted to 39,000 years of computing time over
  six months.

  Drug candidates will be evaluated by the US Army Medical Research
 Institute of Infectious Diseases for safety and efficacy against smallpox.
 While the disease was eradicated in the 1970s, it is feared terrorists
could obtain  laboratory stocks of the virus.

  Cern ; Oxford university chemistry department,

>From P.R.
J -
"No one yet knows how far the North Korean research has gone.
But the indications strongly suggest the work is far more advanced
 than any similar research in the West,"
said a senior Israeli intelligence source. Similar research in the West, huh?
  Nice admission.
Note - HIV appears to have been the first quasi-specific (African Blacks)
ethno-specific weapon...and that was created about 30 years ago. Just
imagine what our tax dollars - whether spent in US labs (or Israeli labs) -
have accomplished since then. Yes, ethnic weapons can single out ANY
 group with a certain specific genetic makeup...probably even smaller
sub-groups can be now be targeted.

An Asian 'bomb' is a piece of sushi.

Also payattention to the list of victim photos of all those who died of SARS
in Canada -of the approximately 50, nearly every single one was of Asian
 origin. -ed
      23 April 2003
At the Asia Times, Christopher Horton really does a fine job of outlining just how bad it is now and
how much worse it's likely to get in the future. One of the most striking sections of his report begins,
"Making things worse is the recent cancellation of school for Beijing's 1.7 million students, which
has prompted a massive train and bus exodus out of the SARS-ravaged capital by students and
migrant workers." He then goes on to describe the standard Chinese train, it's lack of sanitation,
and the simple fact that, "If just one person infected with SARS is on any of the countless trains now
leaving Beijing, these trains could significantly increase the speed of the spread of SARS
 throughout China's interior." Mr Horton is clearly British in background. His report is understated,
but much more powerful as a result.

By the way, if you read that article you will see that trains are not Horton's core concern. His real
worry is for China's AIDS victims, another health crisis just "discovered" recently by the Chinese
government. With their weakened immune systems, they'll die much more easily than others.
That could raise the fatality totals from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands all by itself.
The impact on the economy and psychology of China would be staggering.

16:55 2002-04-26 White Africans on trial for attempt of revolt

I want to emphasize that this is a crucial point. If you
want to determine what their targets and tactics will be, you
must identify and understand the inner logic and mindset of
these militants and comprehend the core elements of their motivations and objectives.

"Since ancient Greece, ? know your ennemy ? has been a cardinal rule
 of warfare. "
[So what was the point Since before ancient Greece Since ancient
 Egypt, China, Etruscan, Sparta, Carthage, Greece and Rome ...

It was the Roman practice of bring the war to the enemy attacking
on the enemy home front, show no quarter swift and certain
They exacted  Decimation even among there own ranks to create
fear and promote discipline also this practice has been implemented
in the western training even by the Nazis and  provided by the CIA to
especially Osama ben Laden who is a 5 star General or Supreme
commander placed above his rank and file by OUR US Tax dollars
 again provided by the spawn of Prescott Hitler loving buttsuck Nazi
scum conniving for personal power at the expenses of American

It should be axiomatic to box in the enemy hey you watch the back door !

[Oups! he slipped out like the flaccid wanker he is because You so called
experts let him so you can continue your photo Oop's! What the Fuckover

RE: Germ War fair: Under the auspices of President Andrew Jackson a Slave
holder and rabid "extermination advocate of eugenic " who believed his god
 wanted him to kill all of the native population General Armstrong Custer
 murdered Native Americans with Small Pox infected blankets an act of
Genocide against unsuspecting civilians women and children hole villages
wiped outso looks like as far as Salidin  in Africa goes he was attempting to
 harm militant combatants, invaders. At what point would you feel that an
 invasion of the USA should not be resisted with all means possible? ED

 It's a Bullet its a Bomb its a BOMB its a Bullet !

As the World Socialist website has pointed out, when you add together the
$368 bn for routine spending, the $19 bn assigned to the department of energy
for new nuclear weapons, the $79 bn already passed by Congress to fund the
war in Iraq and the $87 bn that Bush has just requested to sustain it, you
find that the US federal government is now spending as much on war as it is
on education, public health, housing, employment, pensions, food aid and
welfare put together.

Click This

Click This

Bayer - The Official Bayer Homepage - Bayer Information Here Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Company History, Corporate Policy & More
Searched the web for Headaches for Bayer .
Results 1 - 10 of about 13,400. Search took 0.13 seconds.

All third party trademarks & Copyright are hereby acknowledged  © 2000-2003

... JAPANESE. May 2002 Taking on Japan. Dr. Michael Portoff, ©SAKUMA TETSUO,
No Headaches for Bayer. Bayer, the German giant that gave the ...

Headaches for Bayer. Auschwitz Survivor Says Pharmaceutical Giant
Aided Nazis Holocaust survivor Eva Kor is determined to find out ...

... In-form Bayer give Augenthaler headaches. German Bundesliga News Saturday
23rd August 2003 00:34 | By Brian O'Driscoll | Views: 58. Related Links. ...

... In-form Bayer give Augenthaler headaches. ...

PITTSBURGH - It's not just consumers who are getting rid of headaches by using Bayer
Corp. ... Materials. Bayer Cures Materials Headaches Brian Corbett. New Wheels. ...

... Pharmaceuticals Bayer's Headaches Edited By Matthew Herper, 01.18.02, 11:38 AM
ET NEW YORK - Bayer is listing its shares on the New York Stock Exchange on ...
... Pharmaceuticals Bayer's Headaches Edited By Matthew Herper,, 01.18.02,
11:38 AM ET NEW YORK - Bayer is listing its shares on the New York Stock ...

May 05, 2003. For Headaches, They Take Bayer Aspirin. Posted by Gillian
at 10:48 AM Though it's sad to think my kids won't be able ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
... to subscribe. Page 2. WorkKeys Prevents Headaches at Bayer Plant H ebron,
Ohio, is home to a Bayer Corporation plant. Bayer, of course ...

... and irregular sleep patterns also may contribute to susceptibility to headaches. ... Clinical
studies conducted show that two extra strength Bayer Aspirin are just ...

Headaches for Bayer. Auschwitz Survivor Says ... Mel Weiss. WEB LINK Bayer
Home Page. Copyright ©1999 ABC News Internet Ventures. Click ...

... News of Greater Phoenix. German firms agree to fund Holocaust-era
victims; Headaches for Bayer - ABC News. History of the Hoechst ...

... Headaches for Bayer. ... WEB LINK Bayer Home Page. ARCHIVE More stories
by Brian Ross. Copyright ©2000 ABC News Internet Ventures. ...

... Counsel Meets With President at White House • Headaches for Bayer Auschwitz Survivor ... Plastic
Products • Disney Left Decision To ABC ABCNEWS President ...

... announced today an agreement with ABC Sports that ... in the relief of migraine headaches
as the ... 12 September 2003 - Bayer HealthCare presents the International ...

... ABC News, 8/30/02; FDA Gives Bayer Impotence Drug ... Touted; Benefits of Rice and Vitamins
- ABC News/Men's ... into fewer side effects, such as headaches, flushed skin ...

... [22] American Chemical Society:
[23] ABC News.20/20 Headaches for Bayer, June 11, 1999. ...

... 222 "Headaches for Bayer: Auschwitz Survivor says Pharmaceutical Giant Aided Nazis"
by Brian Ross 11.06.00. available online at: available online at: ABC News ...
... events" (including chronic headaches, nausea, = abdominal ... 2020/2020_990611bayer.html
(ABC News = summarizing ... by Holocaust survivors against Bayer = for alleged ...

... ___. • Signup for eNews Alerts • ABC News 4 ... time, and the side effects - headaches,
nasal congestion ... based GlaxoSmithKline and German-based Bayer AG, who ...

... additives seldom cause brain lesions, headaches, mood alterations ... the post-war period,
Dr. Bayer developed and ... with Dr. Gerhard Schrader, the Nazi concocter of ...

... Headaches for Bayer: Auschwitz Survivor Says Pharmaceutical Giant Aided Nazis
(, 11 June 1999). Who will reap the Nazi-era reparations? ...

Business & Human Rights: Germany
... 1999: Breakthrough: $5.2 Billion Settlement Reached
 in Nazi Slave Labor Case (Burt Herman, Associated Press, 15 Dec ... Headaches for Bayer: Auschwitz Survivor ...

Company profiles/Bayer
... online at: 222 "Headaches for Bayer ... pay
states $14 million' by the the Coalition Against Bayer Dangers, available ... -

... including nerve damage, rashes, severe headaches, and chronic ...
 calls for the opening of all BAYER archives for ..
. the crimes committed during the Nazi regime can ...

ÿþ< !
... additives seldom cause brain lesions , headaches , mood < BR ... post - war period , <
BR > Dr . Bayer developed and ... BR > Gerhard Schrader , the Nazi concocter of ...

... serious creator of health problems: nausea, headaches, behavioral changes ... of Chairman
of the Supervisory Board of Bayer. ... as having major ties to the Nazi cartel ...

... Food additives seldom cause brain lesions, headaches,
 mood alterations ... In the post-war period, Dr. Bayer
 developed and tested ... to IG Farben and the Nazi party.17 ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
... of people were interviewed and asked to list their priori- ties in terms of ... Siebart
-Representative - 24 hour service 412-456 -7332 Today, Miles becomes Bayer. ...

All third party trademarks & Copyright are hereby acknowledged  © 2000-2003
Auschwitz Survivor Says Pharmaceutical Giant Aided Nazis

Holocaust survivor Eva Kor is determined to find out who was behind the medical experiments to which she was subjected in Auschwitz during World War II. © 2000-2003 (

By Brian Ross
T E R R E H A U T E, Ind., June 11 — For many in this town, it comes as no surprise
 that a 65-year-old real-estate agent by the name of Eva Kor would be
 taking on one of the world’s biggest companies over something that happened decades ago
during World War II.

In fact, she’s often been accused of over-reacting when the subject has come up.
“Nobody really understood why I reacted the way I reacted and why I could not ignore
 it,”says Kor.
Orphaned in Auschwitz

This is why: Kor was one of 180 children liberated from the Auschwitz concentration
camp at the end of the war. Her parents were killed. And at the age of 10 she and her
 twin sister Miriam became the subjects of painful, mysterious medical experiments by the notorious Nazi
 Dr. Joseph Mengele.

“The supervisors would get very nervous and say, ‘Mengele is coming!’” she recalls.
 “And we’d straighten out like little soldiers. Because everybody was scared of him.”


Mengele especially valued twin children for his experiments. He castrated, blinded and beheaded them; he infected them with disease.

Years after the war, Eva and Miriam suffered serious health problems. Eva never stopped
 wondering whether there was a connection with Mengele’s experiments, involving what
she says were hundred of injections of unknown substances from unknown sources.
“They would tie down my arm with a rubber hose. Both arms. They took a lot of blood from
 my left arm, and they gave many injections in my right,” she says. “We didn’t know.
They were not marked. Nor were they volunteering any information.”

Archives Suggest Bayer-Nazi Link

But now, some 55 years after the fact, Kor thinks she may be about to solve the mystery.
 Going through a recently published book that chronicles Nazi documents from the
 Auschwitz archives, she made a startling corporate connection.

In a summary of a letter from a doctor working for the huge German pharmaceutical
company Bayer, she read about Bayer experimental drugs to be tested on Auschwitz prisoners. If true, it means that Kor and others were essentially used as laboratory animals.
Bayer is one of the best known and largest pharmaceutical and chemical companies
in the world. But what’s turning up in these long-forgotten archives puts the company in
 a much different light.

For example: One of the SS doctors at Auschwitz, Dr. Helmut Vetter, a longtime Bayer employee, was involved in the testing of Bayer experimental vaccines and medicines
on inmates. He was later executed for giving inmates fatal injections.

Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele gained notoriety for conducting a series of medical experiments on human guinea pigs — concentration camp prisoners. (

“I have thrown myself into my work wholeheartedly,” he wrote to his bosses at Bayer headquarters. “Especially as I have the opportunity to test our new preparations.
 I feel like I am in paradise.”

Victims Seek Restitution

Kor was shocked by what she found. “For a big company like Bayer to be involved
in such evil, perpetrated on small children, or innocent people for no other reason
than to make money,” she says. “It’s very difficult to accept.”

Now Kor is the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit brought against Bayer in federal
 court in Terre Haute, claiming Bayer, with the help of Mengele and the Nazis, injected
healthy inmates with toxic chemicals and germs to intentionally make them sick in
order to test its experimental medicines.

The people who run Bayer today were not the people who ran Bayer then —
 a fact that Kor acknowledges but dismisses: “They have benefited; they
should pay restitution …. The corporation is the same corporation.”

But that’s very much in dispute in Leverkusen, Germany, where Bayer has been head
quartered since the l890s. Its executive offices are now decked out as a giant aspirin
 box to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its best-known product.
Bayer Says It’s a Different Company
No one at Bayer headquarters would agree to be interviewed on the record for our
 report. In fact, Bayer took the highly unusual step of banning 20/20 from its annual
news conference, citing the questions we might ask.

Instead, a Bayer spokesman simply restated the company’s official response to the
lawsuit —
that Bayer is not responsible because during the war it was a simply a subsidiary of
 a larger company, I.G. Farben, which now exists only on paper.

“Today’s Bayer AG is neither identical to, nor is Bayer the successor to IG Farben,”
 said Bayer representative Thomas Reinert. “There is no doubt about the evil that
Asked repeatedly whether Bayer experimental drugs were tested on inmates at Auschwitz,
Reinert refused to comment, saying only, “Bayer did not exist as a legal entity between l925
 and l951.”

Kor’s lawyers disagree. “Oh, they were there!,” says attorney Mel Weiss. “And they’re
 trying to use a fiction to pretend that they weren’t.”
Weiss says that by accepted legal standards, the Bayer company of today is, in fact,
the Bayer of World War II.

“We follow the money,” Weiss says. “We traced the assets. We traced the personnel.
And when you put it all together, it’s the same.”

Weiss has become hugely successful by bringing controversial class-action lawsuits
against some of the biggest corporations in America. Now he’s using those same
 tactics, without charging his usual fee, on behalf of victims of the Holocaust.

New Evidence May Show Responsibility

Bayer says the matter was settled years ago at the Nuremberg war crimes trial, when
 three executives of its then-parent IG Farben were acquitted after prosecutors failed
 to prove the company knew of what was happening at the camps.

But the Nuremberg judges did not have a number of documents only recently
discovered, including a letter in which one of the men acquitted — Bayer Sales
 Director Wilhelm Mann — praised Mengele’s experiments and promised to discuss
 financing from the company.
“I have enclosed the first check,” Mann wrote. “Dr. Mengele’s experiments should,
 as we both agreed, be pursued. Heil Hitler!”

Bayer says there’s no evidence any money was actually sent.

“If this document is true,” says Professor Wolfgang Eckart, director of the Institute
of Historical Medicine at Heidelberg University, “there is a very clear link between
 what Mengele did and who did his financial support.”
Because of postwar treaties, it’s only been in the last few years that German
companies could be sued for what happened at places like Auschwitz.
And when we came to Auschwitz we were shown things that had never been
seen publicly.
Most telling: In a locked storeroom, on a stack of dusty shelves, the prominent
 Bayer trademark on an original box of experimental drugs — Number Be 1034,
 according to the archives, an experimental medicine for typhus.

According to Eckart, typhus matches what Kor has described she went through
in the Auschwitz medical labs.

“I was given five injections,” says Kor. “That evening I developed extremely
 high fever. I was trembling. My arms and my legs were swollen, huge size.”

Survivors Show Resolve

And Kor says, Mengele was personally involved. “Mengele and Dr. Konig and
 three other doctors came in the next morning. They looked at my fever chart,
and Dr. Mengele said, laughingly, ‘Too
 bad, she’s so young. She has only two weeks to live.’”
Hundreds of twins did die from such experiments. Eva and her sister Miriam
survived, but as adults Eva suffered from miscarriages and tuberculosis.
Her son had cancer.
 Miriam’s kidneys never fully developed and she died of cancer.

“I want to know why my sister died,” Eva Kor says. “I want to know why all the
 other twins died.”
The answers to her questions may lie in the Bayer archives from the war
years, located in a building deep inside the Bayer compound.

But neither Kor nor 20/20 was allowed to see the files — even as Bayer
 maintains it has done nothing wrong and has no connection to what happened
during the war.
“It says to me that they’re still hiding the ball,” says Weiss. “And that’s what we’re
 going to use American courts for.”

Kor is convinced: “They were involved,” she says. “They were in Auschwitz, we
 know that for a fact. They have prepared the injections that we were injected
with. What were those injections?
Fifty-five years later, I would like to know.”

Dr. phil Joseph Mengele, born in 1911 in GŸnzburg (Bavaria), originated from
 an industrialist family and entered the "Stahlhelm", a right-wing militant organisation
 which had been founded by former soldiers of the war, as a 20-year old man. In 1934
 he changed to the SA and became a member of the NSDAP and SS in 1937.
Bayer Reacts to Allegations
Bayer continues to contend that it was a different company during the dark days of
Nazi Germany, that it was simply a subsidiary of a larger company.
There are a number of German firms other than Bayer that have
come under fire for alleged experimentation on concentration-camp
 inmates. Just
last month, two other companies were named along with Bayer in yet another lawsuit.
 And just Thursday, Bayer was among more than a dozen companies
and banks that announced plans to set up a billion-dollar-plus fund to
 benefit Holocaust victims.

The World Socialist website

... Visit the campaign website of John Christopher Burton, socialist candidate for ... World
Socialist Web Site holds conference on the political lessons of the ...
Description: Daily news and views from the Socialist Equality Party/International Committee
of the Fourth International.


As you can perhaps now see the 666 beast is in fact an r.mut walk in, which ever person is in charge elected or not they’re addicted 2 war.


 As I see it Michael Jackson, He got it all wrong. Some seemingly very lucky people are light years off.
 socker cheese cake                                             A  most inspiring and good experience                                          what 4
Matildas -- hankerin': Womens Soccer... complex mix of personal affirmation, team camaraderie and ...
to promote the image of women's soccer as being ... was supported by the entire Australian National Team ...
Thelonious Monk - (1917 - 1982)
The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz's website includes applications, Thelonious Monk bio, calendar, sound bites, school programs, profiles, competition info ... Description: Primarily contains information about the institute
 and its educational programs but also includes..THELONIOUS MONK INSTITUTE OF JAZZ - Oct 13, 2003

This page aims at directing a spotlight on a composer, Thelonious Monk and is collecting many interpretations of his compositions. I'm sure that, and you would think so, Monk is the most important jazz composer. His compositions, although the external appearance is eccentric or complex, embody the modernism on 20th century music directly. Moreover they are not only giving an impulse to jazz persons but doing to musicians in other genre. How vast the foot is!

Monk's long stays at New York's legendary Five Spot was a six-month period in 1957 with possibly
his most brilliant band, with John ...
Cute vainer belly button zirconium            More Euo and Slick
Welcome to BME's piercing section. Here you will find tens of thousands of pictures and personal experiences about body piercing of every imaginable kind. ...  Caution!! Real People>

I still think its a sign of the beast
     BUT I KNOW 666 IS WAR
  I'm currently trying to make myself into a better writer.
 I hope to have some new work available in the coming months. David
 This guy is good ****©2000 by David Gaddis.

chitterlings · A list for trading soul food recipes and discussing good downhome food. Tied to website

Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans
Oct. 15, 2003

The person responsible for analyzing the Iraqi weapons threat for Colin Powell says the Secretary of State misinformed Americans during his speech at the U.N. last winter.

Greg Thielmann tells Correspondent Scott Pelley that at the time of Powell’s speech, Iraq didn’t pose an imminent threat to anyone – not even its own neighbors. “…I think my conclusion [about Powell’s speech] now is that it’s probably one of the low points in his long distinguished service to the nation,” says Thielmann.

Pelley’s report will be broadcast on 60 Minutes II, Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Thielmann also tells Pelley that he believes the decision to go to war was made first and then the intelligence was interpreted to fit that conclusion. “…The main problem was that the senior administration officials have what I call faith-based intelligence,” says Thielmann.
“They knew what they wanted the intelligence to show. They were really blind and deaf to any kind of countervailing information the intelligence community would produce. I would assign some blame to the intelligence community and most of the blame to the senior administration officials.”

Steve Allinson and a dozen other U.N. inspectors in Iraq also watched Powell’s speech. “Various people would laugh at various times [during Powell’s speech] because the  information he was presenting was
 just, you know, didn't mean anything -- had no meaning,” says Allinson.

Pelley asks, “When the Secretary finished the speech, you and the other inspectors turned to each other and said what?” Allinson responds, “’They have nothing.’”

Allinson gives Pelley several examples of why he believes Iraq didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. One time, he was sent to find decontamination vehicles that turned out to be fire trucks. Another time, a satellite spotted what they thought were trucks used for biological weapons.

“We were told we were going to the site to look for refrigerated trucks specifically linked to biological agents,” Allinson tells Pelley. “…We found seven or eight [trucks], I think, in total, and they had cobwebs
 in them. Some samples were taken and nothing was found.”

© MMIII, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved.
911 Censorship In America This Website Was Removed
 From Google And Every Major Search Engine. Why?

[This may have been true but today the 911 time is at the top at ED]
Comprehensive Minute By Minute Timeline On 911 by Mark Elsis,
Comprehensive list of 65 websites
From The Archive The Atlantic Monthly | December 2003

A prominent financier argues that the heedless assertion of American
power in the world resembles a financial bubbleand the moment of
truth may be here   by    George Soros

Dr. Joseph Mengele, Famous Quotation/
"The more we do to you,the less you seem to
believe we are doing it."

The Burton Report® represents a collection of three online educational Informatives® these are internet
 journals first published on January 1, 2000 and dedicated to the principle that health care and the health
 care process must be based on truth as well as the patient's best interest.  The information presented is
intended for dissemination.  Any alteration of Burton Report® is a violation of copyright.

Experimentation,Plutonium, and Colonel Stafford Warren
In 1953 the Nuremberg Code was developed as a result of atrocities
 committed in the guise of "medical research" during the second
world war. In 1994 Eileen Welsome, a reporter for the Albuquerque
Tribune, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, for her investigative reporting
 of a dark episode in American History relating to secret medical
 experiments. Her subsequent book "The Plutonium Files: America's
 Secret Medical Experiments In The Cold War" published by the Dial
 Press in 1999 is a fascinating as well as riveting narrative of this
 American experience.
In the 1940s a leading participant in
 performing potentially lethal medical
 research on unsuspecting military
 personnel and hospitalized patients
 was Army Colonel Stafford Warren,
a Professor of Radiology at the University of Rochester (New York) School of Medicine and Dentistry
and Chief of the Manhattan Project
Medical Section.

Dr. Joseph Mengele
Shiro Ishii
Stafford Warren, in his capacities as a U.S. medical officer (radiologist) and
medical faculty member at the University of Rochester appears to have had
primary responsibility for the now infamous plutonium injections performed
 on unsuspecting patients at Strong Memorial Hospital (Teaching Hospital
 of the University of Rochester) in 1945 along with Colonel Hymer Friedell
(also a M.D.).  A top secret and constantly guarded clandestine facility, the
"Manhattan Annex" was constructed across the street from the University
of Rochester Medical School. This endeavor was connected by a tunnel to
 the medical school itself.
 The facility was destroyed after WWII , and its activities were actively kept
hidden from the public until over a half-century later. By 1977 only one
survivor, Jeanne Connell remained, to tell the tale. That same year Connell,
and the heirs of the other human subjects, each received $400,000 from the
U.S. government with an official apology.
 (O'Neill et al., Betrayal of Trust, People Magazine, May 5, 1997).

The need for knowledge regarding the effects of plutonium on humans was
 information important to the needs of the United States during the 1940s.
There was, however, no justification to commit crimes against humanity in
 order to gain this knowledge as many individuals would have willingly
volunteered for such studies if provided with informed consent and
responsible overview.

In fact, this exact precedent had been established in 1900 when the United
 States Army Yellow Fever Commission, in Havana, Cuba, asked for volunteers
 to be bitten by mosquitoes laden with yellow fever. Full disclosure of risk,
including possible death, was provided to all of the volunteers. Some of
the first to step forward were physicians Jesse Lazear and James Carroll.
Volunteer nurse Clara Louise Maass died from the effects of this transmitted
 disease. This situation was groundbreaking in establishing the basis of
informed consent by a conscientious approach to human experimentation
 by ethical health professionals. In contradistinction to the valiant yellow
 fever volunteers none of the physicians involved in plutonium
experimentation ever used themselves as test subjects.

One of the great moments of the Clinton administration were the actions
 of Secretary of the Department of Energy, Hazel O'Leary, and her official
response upon learning about "America's Nuclear Shame" (term coined by
CNN's Bernard Shaw). Her integrity and leadership did not permit the government
 to resort to the, not infrequently practiced, Washington protocol of denial,
character assassination, "cover-up" with associated subsequent "damage

In addition to wearing his cap as a Manhattan Project Officer Colonel
Stafford Warren was, at the same time, also involved in the development
of radiographic media at the University of Rochester School of Medicine
 and Dentistry. He, and his associates Strain and Plati, developed the
myelographic oil-ester Pantopaque® for which they received U.S. Patent
2,348,231 which was issued on May 9, 1944. The Parisian Report
chronicles the tale of this saga and the Burton Report® documents the
relationship of Pantopaque® to the neuropathologic entity "adhesive
arachnoiditis". In one of medicines great mysteries Pantopaque®, which
 was never shown to be "safe", was initially introduced for use in small
amounts (1-2cc) for locating spinal tumors, it then appeared on the world
 scene for high volume (12-15cc), routine use, in diagnosing disc
A number of clinicians have published on the dangers of oil myelography.
In 1942 Van Wagenen (a neurosurgical colleague of Warrens, at the
 University of Rochester) identified Pantopaque® as causing chemical
meningitis in 30 patients where "space-displacing masses within the
 spinal canal were suspected". Despite this important information
Pantopaque® was subsequently distributed to the United States military
 by Warren, under circumstances inconsistent with American Medical
Association principles and Food and Drug Administration requirements.
Only minimal effort has ever been directed to documenting the numbers
of military personnel who became disabled following oil myelography and
 spinal surgery during the period 1940-1985. How many military veterans
experienced a Pantopaque® myelogram during this period is simply not
known but, there are clearly many thousands of veterans whose lives
were destroyed from this experience. Should the United States Veteran's
Administration ever initiate a meaningful attempt to identify (and also
 assist such suffers) it would most certainly open another important
chapter of American medical history. Because we have not yet endeavored
to learn from this appalling experience in medical care and poor science
 many unfortunate patients continue to suffer from similar problems.

Medical Research and Human Subjects
As with many well-intentioned efforts in the field of
health care the legitimate concerns about protecting
the rights and welfare of human subjects participating
medical research have now assumed a life of their

Until the mid-part of the 20th century concerns regarding medical ethics
basically related to therapeutics with little attention being directed to medical research.
This changed dramatically in 1946 when 20 high-ranking Nazi physicians were
placed on trial in Nuremberg, Germany and charged with war crimes against
 humanity or performing experimental procedures on human beings without
 their consent.
With the publication of "The Plutonium Files" by Eileen Welsome in 1999 the
citizens United States finally became aware of similar human experiments on
unknowing hospital patients in the 1940s.

The Nuremberg trials verified society's need for
fundamental ethical standards in the conduct of
research involving human subjects.

The creation of the Nuremberg Code reflected this need. This Code was
subsequently incorporated into the Declaration of Human Rights
of the United Nations.

In the United States, in 1953, the Nuremberg Code served as the impetus
 for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to produce the first federal policy for
 the protection of human research subjects. Efforts by the World Medical
Association and the World Health Organization subsequently led to the 1960
Declaration of Helsinki which was adopted by the World Medical Society in
1964. Its recommendations on biomedical research and the use of human
subjects was updated in 1975, 1980, and 1989.

In 1966, Henry Beecher, physician-researcher from Harvard University and, in
1967, Maurice Pappworth, physician-ethicist from England issued intelligence
 documenting that significant abuses existed in the conduct of research
involving human subjects at many of the leading medical research institutions
in America and Britain. These, and other, revelations regarding violations in
 the ethics of research led the United States Congress, in the 1970s, to bring
pressure on the (then) Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW)
to generate federal regulations and to create a National Commission for the
Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research. One
 of the results of this was the publication, by the Commission, of the Belmont
 Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human
Subjects of Research.

At the "grass roots" level these activities led to the creation of Human Subject
 Research Review Committees at medical facilities throughout the United

These Committees were originally organized for the expressed purpose of
 protecting the rights and welfare of patient participants in medical research
 projects and to make sure that informed consent existed. These Committees,
 ostensibly composed of peer physicians, scientists, and consumer
representatives, have, over the years, also become progressively involved in
 additional areas of inquiry including:

Review of the Research Project
Quality Assessment of the Research Protocol
Determination of Investigator Integrity
Determination of Real or Potential Researcher Conflict of Interest
Disclosure of Real or Potential Conflict of Interest by Participating Parties

There can be no question but that the need to protect the rights and welfar
 of the human subject participants in medical research is paramount. The
 Burton Experience has been that the role of the Institutional Human
Subject Research Review Committees has changed over he past 2

 While their concern has remained the welfare of the patient they have
become distracted by the increased scope of their overview and their own

 Part of this is reflected in their change of name to: Institutional Review
 Board (IRB).

As IRBs involvement in assessing research protocols has become so
 involved that it has become, in many cases, a serious liability to the
performance of the research itself. This is particularly true when the
research is inherently safe offering minimal (if any) risk to the human
subject. Those types of research requiring the more stringent overview,
 i.e. those involving high risk to the human subject are frequently "short-
schrifted" because of valuable time wasted on other, relatively
 meaningless, discussions. There are now many talented researchers,
performing important scientific studies who are totally frustrated by the
frivolous  delays in their work created for them by IRB committees and
 This is a important issue.

 It deserves attention.

 Better review criteria and guidelines are needed.
Informatives® Forensic Medicine Page


All third party trademarks & Copyright are hereby acknowledged  © 2000-2003

"This would be funny if it weren't so nuts It's about  the Symbolism Zoggy
dominion over Nature First there Buddy Lennie Riefenstahl died at age 101
and now this messy thing with teeth slobbering all over his cape. At least
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                 R@wman is speachless for once?

By Brian Ross and Richard D. Allyn
June 9 — From tofu and tacos to burgers and baby formula, soy products have swept the nation as a healthy source of high protein, with a reputation for being all natural and all good.

click this            The folowing text is totally anti Catholic
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                                          The following text is anti Black Leader
Zionest group denounced Sharpton and Jackxon as nazies
"The black Hitlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton"

"in every election, blacks give more than 90% of their votes to these hateful  leaders. Jackson won 94% of the black vote when he ran for President in 1988, and Sharpton won 93% of the black vote when he ran for Mayor of New York in 1997."
(Despite - or rather because of - their vicious hatreds, they are overwhelmingly supported by America's blacks)

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           The following text link is anti  Hispanic. You know know who you are.
The leather face link was so gratuitous as to even demean the person casting the aspersions and is Zionist Nazi name calling what
we pay our taxes for this stinks of Psy-Opps otherwise Cointellpro  these guys  love noone have no apparent constructive agenda
 and use the "N"  word more than  I do. You gotta love um!    


Description: San Francisco's type studio, featuring a unique type collection, and offering a full range of typographic...

Take your pick or pick your take Psy-Opps or Psy/Ops   PsyOps. who gives a fuk
This remake of the 1974
horror classic follows five
20-somethings who encounter a gang of
Texas cannibals and find
themselves pursued by a
chainsaw-wielding maniac
 known as Leatherface.
Michael Bay produces and
 the score is by Marilyn Manson.
Gang = Black
Family = White
Back =Evil
 The Aztec god Xipe Totec, otherwise known as the "flayed one"(The horrible barbarities to which Mecha and Aztlan look back with pride) Xipe Totec was an Aztec fertility god who supposedly shed his skin to bring crops to the earth.. To thank him for his gift, Aztec priests danced in the freshly flayed skins of human sacrifices; the hands and feet of the victims were usually left attached, and elaborate knots sometimes secured the grisly ritual garb of human flesh to the priests' bodies. The most desirable victims were teenaged maidens.
 < In the original version there was a Family Maw & Paw  Kettle from hell I wonder why its omitted at least in the text on the current blurb "gang of Texas cannibals...
 Not Reviewed! The new version is, I am sure more than I need to know... Home Ech + Chicago Deep
 dish school of Hog Buchery  Buch Ladden Fodder.


 Zionism in the age of the Dictator  
+++++++++++++ZIAD Google SEARCH+++++++++++++++++


        "The most important American political event in those preparations for Hitler was the infamous 'Third
     International Congress on Eugenics,' held at New York's American Museum of Natural History August 21-23,
     1932, supervised by the International Federation of Eugenics Societies. 9 This meeting  took up the stubborn
     persistence of African-Americans and other allegedly 'inferior' and 'socially inadequate' groups in reproducing,
     expanding their  numbers, and amalgamating with others. It was recommended that these 'dangers' to the 'better'
     ethnic groups and to the 'well-born,' could be dealt with by sterilization or 'cutting off the bad stock' of the 'unfit.'
                "Italy's fascist government sent an official representative. Averell Harriman's sister Mary, director of
     'Entertainment' for the Congress, lived down in Virginia fox-hunting country; her state supplied the speaker on
     'racial purity,' W.A. Plecker, Virginia commissioner of vital statistics. Plecker reportedly held the delegates
     spellbound with his account of the struggle to stop race-mixing and inter-racial sex in Virginia.
                "The Congress proceedings were dedicated to Averell Harriman's mother; she had paid for the founding of
     the race-science movement in America back in 1910, building the Eugenics Record Office as a branch of the
     Galton National Laboratory in London. She and other Harrimans were usually escorted to  the horse races by old
     George Herbert Walker--they shared with the Bushes and the Farishes a fascination with 'breeding
     thoroughbreds' among horses  and humans. 10
               "Averell Harriman personally arranged with the Walker/Bush Hamburg-Amerika Line to transport Nazi
     ideologues from Germany to New York for  this meeting. 11 The most famous among those transported was Dr.
     Ernst Rudin, psychiatrist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography in Berlin, where the
     Rockefeller family paid for Dr. Rudin to occupy an entire floor with his eugenics 'research.' Dr. Rudin had
     addressed  the International Federation's 1928 Munich meeting, speaking on 'Mental Aberration and Race
     Hygiene,' while others (Germans and Americans) spoke  on race-mixing and sterilization of the unfit. Rudin had
     also led the German delegation to the 1930 Mental Hygiene Congress in Washington, D.C.
              "At the Harrimans' 1932 New York Eugenics Congress, Ernst Rudin was unanimously elected president of
     the International Federation of Eugenics  Societies. This was recognition of Rudin as founder of the German
     Society for Race Hygiene, with his co-founder, Eugenics Federation vice president  Alfred Ploetz.
              "As depression-maddened financiers schemed in Berlin and New York, Rudin was now official leader of the
     world eugenics movement. Components of his movement included groups with overlapping leadership, dedicated
              -sterilization of mental patients ('mental hygiene societies');
               -execution of the insane, criminals and the terminally ill ('euthanasia societies')
                ; and  -eugenical race-purification by prevention of births to parents from 'inferior'
 blood stocks ('birth control societies').
"Before the Auschwitz death camp became a household word, these British-American-European groups
     called openly for the elimination of the 'unfit' by means including force and violence. 12." 11.


Conspicuous by its silence the CIA owned  and influenced media did virtually no
 coverage of what may be one of the decades biggest stories.

 Only UPI issued any  statement on the CIA's admission that following WW2
 Hitler's top general in charge of espionage transferred his entire network of
 thousands of spies and double agents to what became the newly-formed CIA.
( 150,000 White Welfare Cheats ED.)

What makes this much more than an interesting footnote to history is that the
entire domestic and foreign history of the ideas on Eugenics, race, social control,
 bio-warfare and propaganda dominate the policies of countless  (Tax exempt)
"think tanks" like the Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute and have influenced
 the  U.S. government at its highest levels. What makes this different is that
General Ghelen was the #1 Nazi  in this program.

By acknowledging a CIA connection to
 Ghelen the entire can of  worms
can now be pried open.

(Not Bloody Likely! ED.)
"What they count on is the fact that you were borne yesterday!" ED.

"During the past five decades numerous isolated revelations about Nazis imported to America by the Dulles brothers,
William Casey and others have broken through the media blackout. These stories usually revolve around former
 concentration camp guards who hid their identity when emigrating. "The GREAT FREE PRESS... who owns the
corporate media. For starters, all ... they are directly influenced by former high ... ABC has been owned since 1985 by ...
 director of the CIA, the infamous ...

          This is an example of search method and why there are no accidents.
Ohmkay! boy and girls & HowCoolIsGoogle fans this is the point at which Google starts Thinking for its xyzelf .
Pick a topic any topic .
black=evil white=good
evil good                                                                                 note no  Devil

Americans keep telling themselves white=evil black=good

  do the math
Americans keep telling themselves black=evil white=good

black=evil white=good
brown=evil   white=good
green=evil white=good
try any permutation in order to avoid the given or already found
blue=evil  white=good
same same same white = evil    blue  = good
red=evil   white=good
 flipop flopp
3.  red=good white=evil
5. ouchy666.txt
Devil = good    ?
Divil = evil
... The Legend of Evil. ... Thin Noah spoke him fairly, thin talked to him sevarely, An'
thin he cursed him squarely to the glory av the Lord: -- "Divil take the ass ...

... Rudyard Kipling's Evil Influence. City and State 9 (Nov. 22, 1900). ... Citation:
"Rudyard Kipling's Evil Influence." City and State 9 (Nov. 22, 1900). ...
And so on the point is I did not look for any thing it was a feed back
into what I know already or think about and select even if I did not put
the words into the serch slot the feed back can only be something like
 what already is in there like a spell checker that omits or creates spasific
 type of sintax for letters etc the web is sort of a Weegy board .

Great selection of new and used.
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Rudyard Kipling Divil = evil
And some say that is the work of the Devil
ouija is the work of the Devil

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This Engine Creates Its Own Power !
At Silver Lynx, we help inventors and businesspeople translate their
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Silver Lynx is like an Architect and General Contractor in the housing
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The folowing txt is totally anti zionest
All third party trademarks & Copyright's are hereby acknowledged  © 2000-2003
 L.S.D. 25,June 5, 1967

The greatest hoax in history was put over on the American people and the world on June  5, 1967

          This was the report of the so-called “Six day war” of the illegally conceived and
          unlawfully created “State of Israel” against the Christian and Moslems of the United Arab
          Republic.  In reality, it was a 60-minute blitz carried out by utilizing the military might of
          the United States and carried on by traitors to this nation in high governmental positions
          Zionists who are loyal only to the “State of Israel” and who bleed the Christian American
          taxpayers to support a nation of Pharisees who persecute other Christians.

          The very life of this illegitimate “State of Israel” depends on lies.  It was founded on a lie
          and its existence has been perpetuated by one lie after another.

          First, these people who call themselves “Jews” are remnants of those tribes who elected
          to remain in Babylon after the 2 tribes were released from Babylonian captivity, with a
          mixture of Asian Mongoloid-Turco-Finn ancestry, and who live by the evil Babylonian
          Talmud.  Literally, they are Satan worshippers, the humans through whom Satan can
          accomplish his works on earth.

          Second, Palestine was never their homeland their homeland is the Khazar Kingdom
          hidden in the Ural Mountains of Russia.  After their seizure of the Holy Land following
          World War II they forced the Christian and Moslem Palestinians, whose ancestors had
          been its inhabitants for seventeen centuries, out of their homes, confiscated and destroyed
          their property and eradicated most Christian shrines.  Since practically all news media is
          owned by Khazars, their vicious cruelty to the rightful inhabitants has been carefully
          concealed from the American people.

          Third, the Zionists base their claim to the Holy Land on another lie, a lie promulgated
          down through the centuries and insidiously sold to the Christians, that they are “God’s
          Chosen People.”  Only the Israelites of the Old Testament were God’s Chosen People,
          these to be an example to others.  The recently coined phrase “Judeo Christian religion” is
          as contradictory as would be “Devil Christ religion” or black white.  

Another lie is their coined phrase “Anti Semite” to
smear anyone who exposes their subversion, and
“racist” to smear those who would keep their races

Few Americans have ever heard of the Balfour Declaration.  This infamous agreement was promulgated in 1916 when Great Britain
and Germany were at war.  In that autumn Germany had won the war
but trough connivance between Lord Balfour of the British War Cabinet
and the World Zionist Organization, Palestine was promised to the Zionists in return for railroading the United States into the war as England’s ally to defeat Germany.

"Not only was the Satanists desire the defeat of
 the Christian Germany, but also the control of
the Holy Land involved much more."


 [It is Hitler,Garbles, Himler, Hess etc. that were the
 Supream Satainst  Not the So-called Zionist Jews.]

What Christian Germany are these guys talking about
Hitler ( self proclaimed Catholic) Declared himself a
God and passed a law binding all citizens there by
Damming via Interdiction all the Imortal Souls in
Germany with him to Hell with him... Ouch! ED]

     This was expounded by a Zionist in a quote from l’Unite Nationale, a French Canadian
paper published in Montreal November 4, 1953.  The President of the World Jewis Congress,
 Dr. Nahum Goldmann, at Montreal, Canada, in 1947, declared: “The Jews might have had
      Uganda, Madagascar and other places for the establishment of a Jewish fatherland, but they
want absolutely nothing except Palestine; not because the Dead Sea waters by
 evaporation can produce five trillion dollars worth of minerals
 and powdered metals, not because the sub-soil of Palestine contains 20
times more petroleum than all the combined reserves of  the two Americas, but
 because Palestine is the Crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, because Palestine
constitutes the veritable center of world political power, the strategic military center for
 world control.”

          Only the uninterrupted flow of billions of U.S. dollars over the past 20 years has made
          possible the continued existence of the so-called State of Israel.  This military, financial
          and economic aid had already cost U.S. taxpayer over 23 billion dollars by the end of
          1968, 97 percent of which was supplied by the Christians and only 3 percent by the
          so-called Jews.
DO THE MATH 8 Billion x 20 years 3% of us population...
          The Zionist lie about the “Six Day War” illustrates the extent to which this monstrous
          “State of Israel” depends on the U.S. support for everything except manpower.  It is now
          known that instead of the” Six Day War” as publicized it was a 60-minute blitz, planned,
          promoted and perpetrated by traitors in the U.S. and using U.S. military strength to
          accommodate President Johnson’s Zionist friends.

          The Johnson administration practiced the greatest deception on the Arab states to insure
          the success of this blitz.  In the week immediately preceding it, President Johnson himself
          lulled the Arab states into a false sense of security when, with great publicity, he extended
          and invitation to President Nasser to send the Vice-President of the United Arab Republic
          to Washington as his personal guest.  President Nasser accepted and started his
          Vice-President on his way to Washington.

          In the same week, President Johnson instructed his Vice President Humphery to proceed
          to Cairo immediately, as his ambassador of good will to President Nasser.  Vice-President
          Humphrey was about to leave for Cairo when the 60-minute blitz was sprung on the
          U.A.R.  To more completely throw the Arab states off guard, President Johnson had
          prevailed upon them to submit the explosive issue of the right of passage through the
          Suez Canal and the Straits of Tiran to the international Court of Justice for an opinion
          and it was agreed that neither side was to take military action of any description pending
          that opinion.

          While preparations were in progress in Washington to receive the Vice President of the
          United Arab Republic, while Vice President Humphrey was preparing to board a plane for
          Cairo, and while peace prevailed along the Suez Canal and the straits of Tiran, a U.S.
          military U2, high flying photographic espionage plane was secretly flying over the Suez
          Canal Sinai area photographing every military airfield and military installation.  These
          photographs were being made for the so-called State of Israel.  Prior to the “60-minute
          blitz” the armed forces of the “State of Israel” had in their possession these photographs
          pinpointing every military airfield and military installation in this area of the U.A.R.

At this point the U.S. C.I.A. spy-ship the U.S.S. Liberty was introduced into
the conspiracy.  Like her sister ship, the U.S. S Pueblo and all other of the
200 C.I.A. spy ships, the Liberty was equipped with the world’s only electronic
 device, which, from a great distance, could render all radar inoperative.  
Before daybreak on the morning of June, 5, 1967 this device was activated,
and with the U.A.R.’s radar defense system knocked out, the “State of Israel”
 was free to attack 200 jet planes descended on the Suez Canal Sinai area.  
These planes were equipped with special tanks designed to spray L.S.D. 25
gas over the area.

Pilots and crewmembers wore gas masks purchased from Germany a short time
before, and the gas was sprayed over the entire area in the same way agricultural
fertilizers are dispersed.  The United States Chemical Warfare division and its
military use had been demonstrated by U.S. experts to “Israel.”

Because L.S.D. 25 is invisible, odorless and tasteless it can be
inhaled without the victim’s knowledge.  In ten to fifteen minutes
after the gas enters the lungs, the victim becomes incapable of
thinking or acting and is unaware of what has happened to him.

He remains under the effect of this gas for from twelve to fifteen
hours and its action can be prevented only by a special type of
gas mask.

These 200 planes saturated the area with L.S.D. 25 gas in a
sufficient quantity to assure that all persons in the Suez Canal
Sinai area were rendered incapable of thinking or acting.  
All persons lay around as though dead.

          Allowing ten to fifteen minutes for the L.S.D. 25 gas to completely paralyze their victims,
          the “Israelis” now moved in with 200 bombers.  These bombers were loaded with the
          most destructive type of bombs, including a secret bomb developed by the United States
          for the destruction of airfield runways.  With no sign of resistance from their insensible
          victims, the bombers swept over the Suez Canal Sinai area several times, destroying
          every U.A.R. plane grounded on the airfields and pulverizing the sophisticated weapons in
          the military installations.  Then the so-called “State of Israel” Rushed into the area
          hundreds of tanks with troops wearing gas masks to protect them from the L.S.D.25 gas
          still in the air.

          Reports of what had taken place began to reach the interior of the U.A.R. Planes and
          tanks and troops were rushed into the Suez Canal Sinai area to join forces with the gas
          victims who were now slowly regaining their senses.  Prior to that time the “Israeli” tanks
          and troops had reached the Suez Canal, where they dug in to remain.  The canal was
          then rendered useless with sunken ships, the primary objective of the “60 minute blitz.”
          With their planes destroyed on the ground, their runways demolished and their weapons
          pulverized by the bombing, it was hopeless for the U.A.R.’s armed forces to attempt to
          reconquer the Suez Canal Sinai area.  Fighting continued on a limited scale for the
          balance of the week.  Then the United Nations arranged a cease-fire.

In the first hours of the day of the “60 minute blitz” a tense mood
of uncertainty gripped the White House.  In the weeks preceding
the blitz, General Earl G. Wheeler, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff, in person assured President Johnson that if the United
 Arab Republic were blitzed they would be defeated in 3 or 4 days.

Ambassador Goldberg was finally convinced after C.I.A. Chief
 Richard Helms assured President Johnson that General Wheeler’s
estimated time was an understatement of how quickly the U.A.R
could be defeated.  Much could be gauged, however, since prior
to this time General Rothschild, one time head of the U.S. Chemical
Warfare Division, had reported to congress the success of
experiments of L.S.D. 25 gas on U.S. soldiers, yet until the blitz
had actually commenced, President Johnson sore before dawn
each morning for the late intelligence reports and had called in
his crisis command for long rounds of conferences.

          It is easy to understand why those involved in the conspiracy preferred to have the “60
          minute blitz” advertised to the world as a “6 Day War.”  It was not wise to let the world
          know the truth about the part the United States had played in this treachery and it was
          wiser to make it appear that the brave little so-called “State of Israel” had struggled for six
          days before they single handedly defeated the giant U.A.R., with Jordan and Syria thrown
          in for good measure.

          The so-called “State of Israel” is aware that it’s continued existence depends upon
         railroading the United States into war with Russia.  This will be the third time that tHis
          nation has been suckered into a war as a direct conspiracy of Zionist lies.  If this I
          permitted to occur the United States is destined to emerge from that war a defeated

          Few people in the world are aware that Zionism is the creator of Communism.  This is
          the tool to be used for the eradication of Christendom, which the Zionists have tagged as
          “Capitalism” or “Imperialism” to further confuse the issue.  Thus the world has been
          cleverly divided into two hostile camps, one to annihilate the other.

          That they are past masters of inciting wars no one who is aware of their nefarious
          schemes can deny.  Moshe Dayan, ex-gangster and self styled “General,” who is termed
          Defense Minister of the armed uprising resulting in the occupation of Palestine and other
          Arab territory, was rushed to the United States to tell a television audience how “peace
          could be preserved in the Middle East.  On December 8, 1968 on the ABC network he
          was asked how he believed peace could be preserved in that area in view of the offers of
          Soviet assistance to the Arab victims of Zionist aggression.  Without hesitation “General”
          Dayan replied “All you (meaning the U.S.) Will come in.”  That leaves nothing to the
          imagination.  “General” Dayan told his story in the fewest possible words.

Refers to a province in Russia where Jews were
 forced to live duing the 18th and 19 centuries.
called "The Pale of Settlement"
Political Anti-Semitism Anti-Semitism from the left...
Poster for Adolf Willette...Adolf Stoecker...The first
copy of the anti-Semitic newspaper...In 1886, the
French writer Edouard Drumont...Karl Lueger...
more and more.
PREJUDICES AGAINST OTHER CULTURES and people have existed for a long
 time and continue to exist. They are mostly based on ignorance. Some prejudices are
innocent, but others are vicious. They can lead  to oppression and persecution.
 Few groups in history have encountered more prejudice than the Jews. In Europe, the
hatred of Jews has its origins in Christianity, a religion rooted in Judaism. Forcenturies,
the Jews were the only religious minority in Christian Europe, often misunderstood and
eyed with suspicion by the population, suppressed by the Church and exploited by the
rulers. Religious intolerance led to discrimination and isolation. A climate developed in
which many legends and myths about Jews and Judaism seemed credible. Some are
still believed today. But despite of persecution and discrimination, Jewish communities
 kept their religious, their social and cultural traditions alive.

This exhibition depicts the history of anti-Jewish attitudes -- and of anti-Semitism today,
a form of intolerance that in our century caused the death of millions of people. The
exhibition also portrays the history of Jews in Europe and in Russia to help understand
their life, religion and culture. But above all, the exhibition wants to warn of the great
dangers of prejudice and  intolerance, particularly in times of political uncertainty and
increased social tension.    E N T E R   T H E   E X H I B I T

 "The truth shall set you free read it and weep boys,the drinks are on me."
Lucifer's Antichrist World
Government, Economics,
and Religion*
Lucifer still labors under the delusion that he can continue as the god of his world. Understand that the true born again believer of Yeshua, walking in true righteousness and holiness, by the Holy Sprit, has authority over ALL of Satan's people and demon spirits. Lucifer's days, and the days of his followers, are numbered.
Lucifer wants all the people of this world to worship him, Satan, the devil, as god. Lucifer has a power structure on this earth today. At the top of this pyramid of power, of the god of this world, is his antichrist prince. This antichrist prince will soon be indwelled by the very spirit of Satan. Satan or Lucifer will perform his greatest lying wonder as he counterfeits the resurrection of the True Messiah. The False Prophet Vatican pope will attempt to lead the world to worship this antichrist prince, with the very spirit of Satan or Lucifer indwelling him, as god.
The Order of the Garter is the top of Lucifer's power structure as the god of this world today.
*The truth will bathe you as a cleansing balm,physician heal thy self.
11/17/2001 - The BIGGEST NEWS since 9-11 is yet to be published anywhere else that
I have seen. On the SAME week, at the SAME time, in the SAME way, the SAME laws,
(Patriot and/or Anti-Terrorist) laws, were PASSED, in the OTHER "used to be free"
Nations. Not just America, but ALSO the nations of Europe, Australia, and New
Zealand, passed the SAME laws WITHOUT READING them. The LAWS WERE PASSED
not just America, but ALL OTHER "used to be free nations" AT THE SAME TIME
passed antichrist, Luciferian, Laws giving the power of force of antichrist law, to grab
anyone, anywhere, lock them up without habeas corpus, without warrant, without
charge, without phone call, without lawyer, to be imprisoned for 30 years, tortured, or
killed. This is the Antichrist War on the Saints.
"Only He Who now letteth will let, UNTIL he (Lucifer) be taken out of the way." It is God
Almighty Who lets, permits, or allows Satan, Lucifer, aka allah, the devil, to steal, kill and
destroy, UNTIL he (Lucifer, Satan, allah, the devil) be taken out of the way at the glorious
return of the KING OF KINGS, Yeshua. Jesus, will lock up Lucifer for the Millennium reign of
King Jesus. God has let Lucifer free to steal, kill, and destroy. This is the 42 month antichrist
The Middle East peace process is finished,
 It did not die: it was killed.

 Mahmoud Abbas was undermined by the President of the Palestinian
Authority and humiliated by the Prime Minister of Israel. His successor awaits
a similar fate.
Israel continues to mock its American patron, building illegal settlements in
cynical disregard of the “road map.” The President of the United States of
America has been reduced to a ventriloquist's dummy, pitifully reciting the Israeli
cabinet line: “It’s all Arafat’s fault.” Israelis themselves grimly await the next
bomber. Palestinian Arabs, corralled into shrinking Bantustans, subsist on EU
handouts. On the corpse—strewn landscape of the Fertile Crescent, Arid Sharon,
Yasser Arafat, and a handful of terrorists can all claim victory, and they do.

 Have we reached the end of the road?

What is to be done?

At the dawn of the twentieth century, in the twilight of the continental empires,
Europe’s subject peoples dreamed of forming “nation-states,” territorial
homelands where Poles, Czechs, Serbs, Armenians, and others might live free,
 masters of their own fate.

When the Hapsburg and Roman empires collapsed after World War I, their
leaders seized the opportunity. A flurry of new states emerged; and the first
 thing they did was set about privileging their national “ethnic” majority-defined
 by language, or religion, or antiquity, or all three—
at the expense of inconvenient local minorities, who were consigned to second-
class status: permanently resident strangers in their own home.

But one nationalist movement, Zionism, was frustrated in its ambitions. The
dream of an appropriately sited Jewish national home in the middle of the defunct
Turkish Enipire had to wait upon the retreat of imperial Britain: a process that
took three more decades and a second world war. And thus it was only in 1948
 that a Jewish nation-state was established in formerly Ottoman Palestine. But the
 founders of the Jewish state had been influenced by the same concepts and
categories as their fin-dc-siPcle contemporaries back in Warsaw, or Odessa, or
Bucharest; not surprisingly, Israel’s ethno-religious self-definition, and its
discrimination against internal “foreigners,”has always had more in common with,
say, the practices of post-Hapsburg Romania than either party might care to

The problem with Israel, in short, is not—as is sometimes suggested—that it is
a European “enclave” in the Arab world; but rather that it arrived to late. It has
inspired a characteristically late-nineteenth-century separatist project into a world
that has moved on, a world of individual rights, open frontiers, and international
 law. The very idea of a "Jewish state—a state in which Jews and the Jewish
religion have exclusive privileges from which non-Jewish citizens are forever
 excluded— is rooted in another time and place. Israel, in short, is an anachronism.

 To find fault with the Jewish state is to think ill of Jews;
even to imagine an alternative configuration in the Middle East is to indulge the moral equivalent of genocide.

But the crisis in the Middle East won’t go away. President Bush will probably
 be conspicuous by his absence from the fray for the coming year, having
said just enough about the “road map” in June to placate Tony Blair. But
sooner or later an American statesman is going to have to tell the truth to
an Israeli prime minister and find a way to make him listen. Israeli liberals
 and moderate Palestinians have for two decades been thanklessly insisting
 that the only hope was for Israel to dismantle nearly all the settlements and
 return to the 1967 borders, in exchange for real Arab recognition of those
 frontiers and a stable, terrorist-free Palestinian state underwritten (and
constrained) by Western and international agencies. This is still the
 conventional consensus, and it was once a just and possible solution.
But I suspect that we are already too late for that. There are too many
settlements, too many Jewish settlers, and too many Palestinians, and they
 all live together, albeit separated by barbed wire and pass laws. Whatever
the “road map” says, the real map is the one on the ground, and that, as
 Israelis say, reflects facts. It maybe that over a quarter of a million heavily
 armed and subsidized Jewish settlers would leave Arab Palestine
voluntarily; but no one I know believes it will happen. Many of those
settlers will die—and kill—rather than move. The last Israeli politician to
 shoot Jews in pursuit of state policy was David Ben-Gurion, who forcibly
disarmed Begin’s illegal Irgun militia in 1948 and integrated it into the new
Israel Defense Forces. Ariel Sharon is not Ben-Gurion.3

 To find fault with the Jewish state is to think ill of Jews;
even to imagine an alternative configuration in the Middle East is to indulge the moral equivalent of genocide.

The time has come to think the unthinkable. The two-state solution—the
core of the Oslo process and the present “road map”—is probably already
 doomed. With every passing year we are postponing an inevitable, harder
 choice that only the far right and far left have so far acknowledged, each
 for its own reasons. The true alternative facing the Middle East in coming
years will be between an ethnically cleansed Greater Israel and a single,
integrated, binational state of Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians.
That is indeed how the hard-liners in Sharon’s cabinet see the choice;
and that is why they anticipate the removal of the Arabs as the ineluctable
 condition for the survival of a Jewish state.
But what if there were no place in the world today for a “Jewish state”?

 What if the binational solution were not just increasingly likely, but actually
 a desirable outcome? It is not such a very odd thought. Most of the readers
 of this essay live in pluralist states which have long since become multiethnic
and multicultural. “Christian Europe,” pace M. Valery Giseard d’Estaing, is a
 dead letter; Western civilization today is a patchwork of colors and religions
and languages, of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Arabs, Indians, and many
others—as any visitor to London or Paris or Geneva will know.4
Israel itself is a multicultural society in all but name; yet it remains distinctive
 among democratic slates in its resort to ethno-religious criteria with which
to denominate and rank its citizens. It is an oddity among modern nations
not—as its more paranoid supporters assert—because it is a Jewish state
and no one wants the Jews to have a state; but because it is a Jewish state
in which one community—Jews—is set above others, in an age when that
 sort of state has no place.
For many years, Israel had a special meaning for the Jewish people. After
1948 it took in hundreds of thousands of helpless survivors who had
 nowhere else to go; without Israel their condition would have been
desperate in the extreme. Israel needed Jews, and Jews needed Israel.
The circumstances of its birth have thus found Israel’s identity inextricably
 to the Shoah the German project to exterminate the Jews of Europe. As a
 result, all criticism of Israel is drawn ineluctably back to the memory of that
 project, something that Israel’s American apologists are shamefully quick
 to exploit. To find fault with the Jewish state is to think ill of Jews; even to
 imagine an alternative configuration in the Middle East is to indulge the
moral equivalent of genocide.

 To find fault with the Jewish state is to think ill of Jews;
even to imagine an alternative configuration in the Middle East is to indulge the moral equivalent of genocide.

In the years after World War II, those many millions of Jews who did not
 live in Israel were often reassured by its very existence—whether they
thought of it as an insurance policy against renascent anti-Semitism or
simply a reminder to the world that Jews could and would fight back. Before
 there was a Jewish state, Jewish minorities in Christian societies would peer
anxiously over their shoulders and keep a low profile; since 1948, they could
walk tall.

 But in recent years, the situation has tragically reversed.

Today, non-Israeli Jews feel themselves once again exposed to criticism and
vulnerable to attack for things they didn’t do. But this time it is a Jewish state,
 not a Christian one, which is holding them hostage for its own actions,
Diaspora Jews cannot influence Israeli policies, but they are implicitly identified
 with them, not least by Israel’s own insistent claims upon their allegiance. The
behavior of a self-described Jewish state affects the way everyone else looks
at Jews. The increased incidence of attacks on Jews in Europe and elsewhere is
primarily attributable to misdirected efforts, often by young Muslims, to get back
 at Israel.

 The depressing truth is that Israel’s current behavior is not just bad for
America, though it surely is. It is not even just bad for Israel itself, as many Israelis
 silently acknowledge. The depressing truth is that Israel today is bad for the Jews.

 To find fault with the Jewish state is to think ill of Jews;
even to imagine an alternative configuration in the Middle East is to indulge the moral equivalent of genocide.

- by Barry Chamish
When the CFR-affiliated Jewish Power Elite saw they would not be able to
stop Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel, they decided they
would 'join it,' gain control of it, and destroy it from within.
We all owe a huge debt to Rabbi Marvin Antelman, the first Jew to try to
decipher the real conspiracy to destroy Jews and Judaism, which, as we
all know, is in full swing today.
Way back in 1974, before any of us had heard of the illuminati or the
Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), Rabbi Antelman published his book
To Eliminate The Opiate and exposed their covert war against religion,
focusing on their battle plan to extinguish Judaism, but with great
implications for Christianity as well.
This book is now found on literally all the lists of classic conspiracy
literature. It has drawn praise for its deep scholarship even from
researchers who clearly have no great love for Jews. Its crowning
achievement was to prove that Jews are the chief victims of the New
World Order, not its chief promulgators. However, that is not to say that
Judaism lacks powerful traitors.
After 28 years, Rabbi Antelman has published the second volume of To
Eliminate The Opiate. And those traitors are named; oh, how they are
In his new volume, Rabbi Antelman traces the treachery from within. He
begins with Judaism's false messiah of the seventeenth century,
Shabbetai Tzvi. He had convinced, perhaps, half of world Jewry that he
was the true messiah and a vast Sabbatian movement promoted his
messianic ambitions. However, the Ottoman Turks had a different view of
him, and on threat of execution, successfully persuaded him to recant.
As far as most Jews are concerned, that was the end of the Sabbatian
phenomenon. But Rabbi Antelman proves that his most ardent followers
in Turkey have kept his movement alive through the centuries, with great
help the next century from one Jacob Frank, who reintroduced
Sabbatianism to Europe, and by this route to America and Israel. Rabbi
Antelman refers to today's believers as "satanic Sabbatian Frankists."
Satanistic, because Rabbi Antelman charges that Shabbetai Tzvi
promoted an anti-Judaism, an image in reverse of G-d's intended religion.
So, while, true Judaism's aim is the survival of His people, Sabbatianism's
goal is the elimination of Judaism. This explanation does much to
increase our understanding of a characteristic unique to one people,
Jewish self-hatred, or the desire to destroy your own flesh and blood.
But according to Rabbi Antelman, Tzvi's followers took his perverse
thinking much farther than he ever dared.
"Sabbatian cults are well documented in the Encyclopedia Judaica and in
the writings of distinguished Israeli academics including the late Professor
Y. Tishbi, Yehuda Liebes and Yaacov Katz. In a nutshell, these groups
practised incest, adultery and homosexuality. They conspired with the
Illuminati with goals of destroying all religions and fusing all nations into
one."  pp 256

"Gershon Scholem has traced the incestuous practises of the
Sabbatians to that of Earth Mother worship."  pp  123
"With New Age charitable trusts such as the Youngwood Institute, one
finds disgust of the Jewish and Christian groups that have to be


R@WMAN rant #666
Row row row your boat gently down the stream [of time] nearly merely merely merely
life is like a dream. an old nudist mantra...
R@WMAN rant # 666
All of this is Crap Christianity Judaism Islam Buddhism its all a fake out there
gods are only 3 to 5,000  years old and Old Isis. Isis just toping out 10,00 so
what none of them account for any one else living as of any consequence as if
by closing ones eyes the totality of human existence will disappear like when
you were a kid afraid of the dark hiding under the bedcovers. This will not do
 the "world is more than you can imagine in your books, Horatio , Plato, Socrates,
 Hamlet Act1 Scene 5 Line 66
There more things in heaven and earth Horatio... than are dreamt of in your philosophy...
Autarky, Wellhead fuck um all if they can’t take a joke. "my god is not a landlord or
a pimp."We the people. verses any "Divine right of kings", Inalienable rights."
 "Above any one's gift of law".Among these truths...we hold to be self evident ...
 Thank you very much we don't have to do nothing to you "You will bury yourselves
 in all this bullshit." They all, profess God's manifestation in this world and in mankind.
And there love of him and it yet when Kennedy said god's work must truly be our
own they the dope billionaire Dope fiend Nazis killed him, when Malcolm X said he
 saw all men are brothers, they killed him  and if you look around you on this
planet now what do you see... War, Hunger, Pane, not building not growth not
flushing but decay Hate petty suffering of the rich whining about foreigners!
Fuck NWO Paranoia Biblethumpingendtimeswasters We are a single species one
get it you racist dumb fuck especially Christianities claim of End Time’s is bullshit
every year there is an adjustment the end is near panic is sown no thing constructive
is achieved and the nations not hung up with the chicken little syndrome is edging closer
to becoming what we were purposeful unified albeit the part was only in films but
coming out of year 3 post 911 I hoped we could do better at the unity thing ,but NO1
Affirmative action and piss poor results desegregating Apartheid AMERICA is
shucking the less fortunate as if for sport the elderly are back to eating dog food
 for protean to make ends meet and Whit is still wrong right wing.

 The earth has a huge Asian population who say flipp your goduphislillywhitbum.
we were here first and made a planet without the mass cannibalism and greasy
banking deals indebting hole nations.

"Eat shit and die Hitler Spawn you can’t even spell IQ..."

Grow up quit pretending you’re some sort of tourist on this earth...
You say Black is evil you are hung up on color White is the symbol of death.
The Dark Sacred Night is good a time of interior re-birth its so simple All
you do is talk about
Race inferiority of blacks compared to whites the same tests Asians take the
and beat you by the same am mount you beat the blacks by and no one has
segregated you from the answers for 400 years and slavery too fuck you dumb
anti anthropological fact starved copy cat souls. The earth has no foreigners.
We the people will be free will we contain all of this species DNA you are broken"
cowardly, angry hateful "loveless" Inbred simpleton in need of repair.
 If you don't reproduce you die out.
 "Swords into plowshares we are one" Sundy School  "Cant shake this feeling now" James Brown

Hollow Earth bullship No Mafia, CIA, Nazis, Landlords no Sushi, Movies, TV ,Cell Phones
 or Pizza.
The Hollow Earth Theory Article #718 by Larry Gedney click on the picture
Copy of the cover of   "The Hollow Earth" by R. Bernard,  showing the true nature of our world.
  True facts about the 1500's
(We didn't make these up!)
Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath
 in May and still smelled pretty good by June. However, they were
 starting to smell so brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the
 body odor.

Baths consisted of a big tub filled with hot water. The man of the house
 had the privilege of the nice clean water, then all the other sons and
men, then the women and finally the children-last of all the babies.By
then the water was so dirty you could actually lose someone in it -
 hence the saying "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water."

Houses had thatched roofs - thick straw - piled high, with no wood
 underneath. It was the only place for animals to get warm, so all the
dogs, cats and other small animals (mice, bugs) lived in the roof.
When it rained, it became slippery and sometimes the animals would
 slip and fall off the roof - hence the saying "It's raining cats and dogs."

The floor was dirt. Only the wealthy had something other than dirt,
hence the saying "dirt poor." The wealthy had slate floors that would
get slippery in the winter when wet, so they spread thresh (straw) on
 the floor to help keep their footing. As the winter wore on, they kept
 adding more thresh until when you opened the door it would all start
 slipping outside. A piece of wood was placed in the entranceway -
 hence, a "thresh hold."

In those old days, they cooked in the kitchen with a big kettle that
always hung over the fire. Every day they lit the fire and added things
 to the pot. They ate mostly vegetables and did not get much meat.
 They would eat the stew for dinner, leaving leftovers in the pot to
get cold overnight and then start over the next day. Sometimes the
 stew had food in it that had been there for quite a while -
 hence the rhyme, "peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas
 porridge in the pot nine days old."

Sometimes they could obtain pork, which made them feel quite
special. When visitors came over, they would hang up their bacon
 to show off. It was a sign of wealth that a man "could bring home
the bacon." They would cut off a little to share with guests and would
 all sit around and "chew the fat."

Most people did not have pewter plates, but had trenchers, a piece
of wood with the middle scooped out like a bowl. Often trenchers
were made from stale bread which was so old and hard that they
could be used for quite some time. Trenchers were never washed
 and a lot of times worms and mold got into the wood and old bread.
 After eating off wormy, moldy trenchers, one would get "trench mouth."

Bread was divided according to status. Workers got the burnt
bottom of the loaf, the family got the middle, and guests got the
 top, or "upper crust."

Lead cups were used to drink ale or whiskey. The combination
would sometimes knock them out for a couple of days. Someone
walking along the road would take them for dead and prepare them
 for burial. They were laid out on the kitchen table for a couple of
 days and the family would gather around and eat and drink and
wait and see if they would wake up - hence the custom of holding a "wake."

Whoever said that History was boring?
Pass these on to a friend!

Accordingly, in the next 'burnt offering' being planned, religious Jews and
so-called fundamental Christians are at the top of the list."  pp 208
According to Rabbi Antelman's chronology, in the 1770s Jacob Frank
made a pact with one Adam Weishaupt, a Jewish-born Jesuit, to enlist his
Sabbatians to join Weishaupt's Illuminati. During the French Revolution,
documents were discovered which exposed the Illuminati's plan to destroy
the foundations of European civilization; family, religion, royalty and
morality, through revolutions. Weishaupt's organization was formally
banned throughout Europe, so a decision was made to infiltrate the
relatively benign Freemasonry and instill Illuminism from within. The plan
worked and as Rabbi Antelman observes:
"While the Illuminati have attempted to subvert Freemasonry, it should be
noted that Freemasonry per se is suspect despite the fine people who join
its ranks. Lower degree Masons have been duped into thinking that the
Masonry building symbols were connected with Solomon's Temple. Many
Jewish Freemasons erroneously think that there is some sort of Jewish
element or tradition in Freemasonry because of this. If they knew the truth
their hair would stand on end. In effect, Freemasonry supports the Islamic
concepts of conquest of Judaism and its destruction as taught in the
Koran, and today the Dome Of The Rock is a perpetual symbol of the
destruction of the Temple."  pp 121
"For this reason, the Illuminati preferred to subvert Masonic groups, which
they so hated, because much of Masonic ritual is transmitted from
generation to generation, providing a vehicle to transmit an antinomian
torah of evil over the ages."  pp 89
Rabbi Antelman's research provides ample evidence that large-scale
Sabbatianism was introduced to Judaism through the Reform and
Conservative movements and through organizations such as the
American Jewish Congress headed by a rather blatant traitor, CFR
executive Henry Seigman, the World Jewish Congress, founded by the
CFR's Bronfman family and the Bnai Brith, which was initially a branch of
Freemasonry, and may, unknown to most members, still be. It is the

Islamic spirituality and the decline of the West
From the Prince's speech, December 15, 1996
I start from the belief that Islamic civilisation at its best, like many of the religions of the East -
Judaism,Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism - has an important message for the West in the way
it has retained an integrated and integral view of the sanctity of the world around us. I feel that we
 in the West could be helped to rediscover the roots of our own understanding by an appreciation
of the Islamic tradition's deep respect for the timeless traditions of the natural order.
I believe that process could help in the task of bringing our two faiths closer together. It could also help
us in the West to rethink, and for the better, our practical stewardship of man and his environment - in
fields such as health-care, the natural environment and agriculture, as well as in architecture and urban
Modern materialism is unbalanced and increasingly damaging in its long-term consequences. Yet
nearly all the great religions of the world have held an integral view of the sanctity of the world. The
Christian message with, for example, its deeply mystical and symbolic doctrine of the Incarnation, has
been traditionally a message of the unity of the worlds of spirit and matter, and of God's manifestation
in this world and in mankind.
But during the past three centuries, in the Western world at least, a dangerous division has occurred in
.the way we perceive the world around us. Science has tried to assume a monopoly - even a tyranny -
over our under standing. Religion and science have become separated, so that now, as Wordsworth
said, "Little we see in nature that is ours". Science has attempted to take over the natural world from
God; it has fragmented the cosmos and relegated the sacred to a separate and secondary compartment
of our understanding, divorced from practical, day to day existence.
We are only now beginning to gauge the disastrous results. We in the Western world seem to have lost
a sense of the wholeness of our environment, and of our immense and inalienable responsibility to the
whole of creation. This has led to an increasing failure to appreciate or understand tradition and the
wisdom of our forebears, accumulated over the centuries. Indeed, tradition is positively discriminated
against - as if it were some socially unacceptable disease.
In my view, a more holistic approach is needed now. Science has done the inestimable service of
showing us a world much more complex than we ever imagined. But in its modern, materialist,
one-dimensional form, it cannot explain everything. God is not merely the ultimate Newtonian
mathematician or the mechanistic clockmaker. As science and technology have become increasingly
separated from ethical, moral and sacred considerations, so the implications of such a separation have
become more sombre and horrifying - as we see in genetic manipulation or in the consequences of the
kind of scientific arrogance so blatant in the scandal of BSE.
I have always felt that tradition is not a man-made element in our lives, but a God-given intuition of
natural rhythms, of the fundamental harmony that emerges from the union of the paradoxical opposites
that exist in every aspect of nature. Tradition reflects the timeless order of the cosmos, and anchors us
into an awareness of the great mysteries of the universe, so that, as Blake put it, we can see the whole
universe in an atom and eternity in a moment.
That is why I believe Man is so much more than just a biological phenomenon resting on what we now
seem to define as "the bottom line" of the great balance sheet of life, according to which art and culture
are seen increasingly as optional extras in life.
This view is quite contrary, for example, to the outlook of the Muslim craftsman or artist, who is never
concerned with display for its own sake, nor with progressing ever forward in his own ingenuity, but is
content to submit a man's craft to God. That outlook reflects, I believe, the memorable passage in the
Koran, "whithersoever you turn there is the face of God and God is all-embracing, all knowing". While
appreciating that this essential innocence has been destroyed, and destroyed everywhere, I nevertheless
believe that the survival of civilised values, as we have inherited them from our ancestors, depends on
the corresponding survival in our hearts of that profound sense of the sacred and the spiritual.
Traditional religions, with their integral view of the universe, can help us to rediscover the importance
of the integration of the secular and the sacred. The danger of ignoring this essential aspect of our
existence is not just spiritual or intellectual. It also lies at the heart of that great divide between the
Islamic and Western worlds over the place of materialism in our lives. In those instances where Islam
chooses to reject Western materialism, this is not, in my view, a political affectation or the result of
envy or a sense of inferiority. Quite the opposite.
And the danger that the gulf between the worlds of Islam and the other Eastern religions on the one
hand and the West on the other will grow ever wider and more unbridgeable is real, unless we can
explore together practical ways of integrating the sacred and the secular in both our cultures in order to

The picture worth a thousand words provide a true inspiration
for the next century.

Islamic culture in its traditional form has striven to preserve this integrated, spiritual view of the world
in a way we have not seen fit to do in recent generations in the West. There is much we can learn from
that Islamic world view in this respect.
There are many ways in which mutual understanding and appreciation can be built. Perhaps, for
instance, we could begin by having more Muslim teachers in British schools, or by encouraging
exchanges of teachers. Everywhere in the world people want to learn English. But in the West, in turn,
we need to be taught by Islamic teachers how to learn with our hearts, as well as our heads. The
approaching millennium may be the ideal catalyst for helping to explore and stimulate
these links, and I hope we shall not ignore the opportunity this gives us to rediscover the spiritual
underpinning of our entire existence.

For confirmation, check these links:
News story in the Times:
The picture worth a thousand words

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 11:43:11 -0400
   From:>To:  CC:

Subject:  "Jews rule the world by proxy" Jews "invented socialism, communism,
 human rights and democracy" to avoid persecution and gain control of the most
 powerful countries.

Malaysian PM urges Muslims to unite against 'Jewish domination'
PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir
 Mohamad on Thursday told a summit of Islamic leaders that "Jews
rule the world by proxy" and the world's 1.3 billion Muslims should
 unite, using nonviolent means for a "final victory."

[How about opening a bank instead of hiding your money under
your mattress.

How about making some films that inspire people to live well in
 harmony instead of every man for him self...

How about investing in your countries population and building that
infrastructure YOU keep complaining about...

How about finding some one to help instead of worrying about the
success of others envy is a double loss...ED]

[ PS: while I have complained repeatedly about the Israelites receiving
$8 Billion a year in US tax payers money  as military aid, please keep in
mind the fact that the state of Wisconsin (one of 50) earns 35 billion a
year from cheese alone... ED]

How about opening a dental school and giving free dental or two to care to the poor.

Ok I'll post it but it sucks because no one ever says Germany rules the world by proxy.

 Israeli is a Ghetto for the Jews the only place they can be, it's no secret and that slur that
Jews Rule they can't  rule any thing they have no king it is a Nazi smoke screen to blame
 the victim.

So get this Jews are not going back to Europe because Europeans refuse to protect  and serve
them as they should  so they are stuck in Israeli  and the US's with all there stuff left in there
 real home of original home lands in Europe.

As shadow governments and banking tricks were perfected by the early "Crusaders  Rosicrucian
So called Christians  and other proto Nazis who control all moneys  Liechtenstein Switzerland
etc.  really rule but blame the "Jews" for the stuff they do and that gives them power more than there numbers or money would produce logically. what nation is the best to live in.

Woah! Why don't they ( the Billion Muslims ) create a free market stock exchange for themselves
and just start winning instead of complaining, start lobbying and Voting and running Candidates
and campaigning  by a couple of Ad agencies and PR firms  etc... ED].

Project Vote Smart - 2004 Presidential Candidates
2004 Presidential Candidates. ...

" got a standing ovation from the kings, presidents, sheiks
and emirs - including key U.S. allies - gathered in Malaysia's capital,

Oct 17, 2003

Malaysian Prime Minister Refuses to Back Down From Speech in Which
He Said Jews Rule the World

By Patrick McDowell
Associated Press Writer

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (AP) - Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad refused to
apologize Friday for a speech in which he said Jews ruled the world, accusing the
West of a double standard in criticizing Muslims and Jews.

Defending himself against international condemnation, Mahathir gave a news conference a day after addressing the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference, the world's largest Muslim group.

In the speech, he said that "Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them."

The statement drew immediate criticism from Israel, the United States and other countries, and
raised fears that it could fan violence against Jews. But it got a standing ovation from the kings,
presidents, sheiks and emirs - including key U.S. allies -gathered in Malaysia's capital, Putrajaya.

On Friday, Mahathir said Westerners such as the Rev. Jerry Falwell receive little fallout for labeling the Prophet Muhammed a "terrorist," while statements about Israel's actions against Palestinians draw
immediate charges of anti-Semitism.

Falwell, a conservative Baptist minister, outraged Muslims by saying in an interview last
year with CBS' "60 Minutes" that he had concluded Muhammad "was a terrorist."

"Are we not allowed at all to criticize the Jews if they do things which are wrong?" Mahathir asked.
"If Muslims can be accused of being terrorists, then others can accuse the Jews of being terrorists

Mahathir, 77, a senior statesmen in the developing world who will retire Oct. 31 after 22 years in office,
has long been an outspoken leader. He is a staunch advocate of the Palestinians and strongly opposed
 the war in Iraq, but also has jailed terror suspects from the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah group.

In his news conference, Mahathir accused "most" European leaders - by which he also generally means Americans and Australians - of being biased.

"The fact is that they are biased," Mahathir said. "Most of them
are biased. Not all; most of them. And they feel that while it is
proper to criticize Muslims and Arabs, it is not proper to criticize
Europeans and Jews. Apparently, they think they are privileged people."
Mahathir said the thrust of his speech had been to
urge Muslims to step back from violence, rethink their
strategies, and find a peaceful way through acquiring
knowledge to gain strength and unity so they would
gain respect and their rights.

"What I said in my speech is that we should stop all this violence,
all these killings, all these suicide bombings, all this massive retaliation," Mahathir said. "I am against violence, I am against

He also said that remarks earlier Friday by his foreign minister, Syed Hamid Albar that expressed
 regret over misunderstandings if any offense occurred did not amount to an apology.

Syed Hamid had told The Associated Press: "I'm sorry that
they have misunderstood the whole thing. The intention is
not to create controversy. His intention is to show that if
 you ponder and sit down to think, you can be very powerful."

In his speech, Mahathir had said Muslims
 had achieved "nothing" in more than 50
years of fighting Israel.

"They survived 2,000 years of pogroms not by hitting back but by thinking," Mahathir said of the
 Jews. "They invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy so that persecuting
them would appear to be wrong, so that they can enjoy equal rights with others."

Mahathir said the world's 1.3 billion Muslims
 "cannot be defeated by a few million Jews."

In Washington, State Department spokesman Adam Ereli called Mahatir's remarks offensive and

Israel's Foreign Ministry said it was "a desecration of the memory of 6 million victims of anti-Semitism."
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal
Center in Los Angeles, said Mahathir's speech "is an absolute
invitation for more hate crimes and terrorism against Jews.
That's serious."
So Movies and TV can cause Violance...
In their reactions to the speech, most of the leaders at the summit focused on the aspects that
 Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher called "a good road map" toward Muslim empowerment.

Asked by the AP whether he thought the speech was anti-Semitic, Afghan President Hamid Karzai
said: "I don't think so."

In other action at the Islamic summit, the leaders Friday:

- Urged a faster transition to full sovereignty for Iraq, but toned down an earlier plan calling for a greater
role for the United Nations.

- Strongly condemned threats by the Israeli government against Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.
The nations also asked the international community to force Israel to remove a security barrier that winds
 into Palestinian land and to ensure the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from Palestinian and Arab territories.

- Condemned the recent Israeli attack inside Syria as a violation of international law and the U.N. charter,
and urged U.S.Security Council to prevent a recurrence.

AP-ES-10-17-03 1303EDT

Million's of Dollars and Auschwitz:How the Bush
Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust

Business and the Holocaust from Stock Maven provides information leading
up to the Holocaust showing major ties between corporations and the Nazis
with articles, book excerpts, historical and recent news media reports, war
 crimes trial transcripts, government and organization resources.

Hey Laydee!!!
What about his Grandpa Prescott wake the bleep up!
Read up & quit apologizing & start criticizing &
 agitating these mooks!


How four generations of arms, oil, fascism, and US Govt. defiance
made America's First Family
by Charles Shaw

 HEIR TO THE HOLOCAUST Prescott Bush,1.5 Million Dollars and Auschwitz:
How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust
What is more dangerous for the future of our country than a conspiracy
to assassinate a president? It is a conspiracy to manipulate and control
what the American people are told by the national news media. There
are scores of unanswered questions surrounding the event of the
afternoon of March 30, 1981. For instance, John Chancellor, eyebrows
raised, informed the viewers of NBC Nightly News that the brother of the
 man who tried to kill the president was acquainted with the son of the
man who would have become president if the attack had been
successful. As a matter of fact, Chancellor said in a bewildered tone,
Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush had been scheduled to have
 dinner together at the home of the vice president's son the very next
night. And, of course, the engagement had been canceled. . .
Then a peculiar thing happened:

The story vanished. To this day, it has never been reported in the New York Times,Washington Post
 or many other metropolitan  newspapers, never
again mentioned by any of the television news
networks, and never noted in news magazines
except for a brief mention in Newsweek, which
lumped it with two ludicrous conspiracy scenarios
as if the Bush-Hinckley connection didn't deserve
some sort of explanation.

(1 of 8) [10/17/2003 2:40:20 AM]

While the US government publically appears to be fighting the war on
drugs, it is actually the principal supplier to the millions of drug users in
While it sends recreational drug users and small time dealers to prison,
 it is making billions of dollars from their covert CIA drug smuggling operations.Here are just a few: Operation Snow Cone - Parent Central
American drug smugglingoperation. Various operations under Operation Snow Cone include:*Operation Watch Tower - Operation Watch Tower consists of secret radio beacons stationed at remote
locations between Columbia and Panama.
The beacons help CIA drug pilots fly from Central America to Panama
at near-sea-level without  being detected by high flying U.S. drug
interdiction aircraft. Pilots of the drug flights home in on the low frequency signals emitted by the beacons to reach their destination
at Albrook Army Airfieldin Panama.

 Operation Toilet Seat - The CIA uses Boeing 727 and C-130 aircraft
 to haul drugs from Central and South America. The drugs are dumped
 out the rear ramps of the aircraft into waters offshore of the U.S. in waterproof...
1 of 5) [10/17/2003 2:40:23 AM]

 Zionism in the age of the Dictator  
+++++++++++++ZIAD Google SEARCH+++++++++++++++++
        Saving Private Power



           From The Archive Of The Atlantic Monthly | December 2003

A prominent financier argues that the heedless assertion of American
power in the world resembles a financial bubbleand the moment of
truth may be here by  George Soros

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